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  Roxas backs Degamo-Remollo in Dgte! Reelectionist Gov ROEL DEGAMO welcomes LP Presidential Bet Mar Roxas at the convention center Sunday where he introduced City Mayoral bet ATTY FELIPE IPE REMOLLO ( raising his hands) and all mayors lending support to the independent gubernatorial bet .  

      Taxpayers lose in budget failure    

The failure of the provincial board and the provincial executive in passing the P2Billion budget for Negros Oriental this year is an economic loss to the taxpayers of this province who own the money which could not be properly disbursed by their chosen leaders because of extreme political rivalry.
In the final analysis the approval of the 2016 provincial budget is a conjugal obligation of the Governor and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, to exercise a responsibility imposed by the sovereign people.

But how could this be possible if the two branches of government refuse to find a common ground to compromise? In all past adminsitrations, despite the deadlock, the board and the guv always find a compromise at the end of the day.

But not this time. Shall the people continue to elect their kind in May 9?--- is now a legitimate issue.


Governor Roel Degamo has accused the SP members led by Vice-Governor Roel Degamo of dragging its feet in approving the executive budget.

In contrast, the SP pointed out that Degamo was at fault of causing the current budget impasse for allegedly refusing to cooperate with the legislative body...



If the Suprme Court decides to declare Grace Poe not a natural-born Filipino, then a thousand and one implications will follow to include all other hundred thousand foundlings in the Philippines. Wrong.

Wrong because we believe, Poe is not an ordinary foundling. She could be the President of the Philippines and unless we rule on this foundling issue especially for those running for the Presidency, we say the rest of future candidates will be affected, but not all ordinary foundlings are like Poe’s specific case.

For ordinary foundlings, so long as you are born in the Philippinies (including Poe) you are considered Filipinos. But natural born? Yes, so long as you can prove that one parent of yours is a Filipino. But Poe cannot prove that. She does not know who her parents are . (Really? Are you joking? Or just to avoid further “eskandal”) Just tell the Nation the TRUTH!

So most likely, she will be declared not a natural born but presumed Filipino, unless Poe can prove at least one parent of hers, mother or father is Filipino. (Why not try asking Tita Rosemarie? Maybe she has a hint.)

Just imagine, Poe did not, or could not, present any evidence to provide substantial basis that she is a natural-born Filipina. Why for goodness sake! ——-Explains why some eyebrows were raised!



The COMELEC has made a shocking, if not alarming, revelation that without our knowing, the Philippine National Police has tagged Negros Oriental in the national watch list as among the TOP 6 in potential violenceprone areas this coming elections!

Shocking to know that Negros Oriental is now in the company of TOP6 violence- prone province in the likes of Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Cotabato , Western Samar, Pangasinan and Negros Oriental not in that order, according to Comelec provincial chief Atty. Eddie Aba, in our CROSS TALK interview. (page 2 photo)

As the old cliché goes, “silent water runs deep” meaning without our knowing, secretly, private armed groups are now regrouping in the dark, waiting for the right moment to strike whenever necessary upon direction of their political bosses this coming elections.


When we are in our
darkest period, we see light we’ve not seen before.



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