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  They travel to isolated and remote mountain places in unholy hours, with their identities convenient to conceal. There are hundreds of habal-habals operating across the province particularly at night. And lately, habal-habal drivers have started committing crimes, victimizing hapless passengers.  

2 DH flee abusive Saudi employers

Two sisters from Sibulan who worked as domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia came home with a horrible tale of physical and sexual harassment and alleged nonpayment of their wages by their employers. Thanks to the help of co-Filpinos who helped them escape. Thanks to the provincial government who gave them job orders this week so they can start anew in their devastated lives.

After eight months of hellish ordeal, two Sibulan sisters who worked as domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia escaped from their employers with the help of a compatriot, a Filipino delivery truck driver, who wheeled them out from the compound.

The sisters were hidden by the driver inside two empty boxes and slipped through the compound gates unnoticed with nothing else than the clothes they were wearing. Their Saudi employers have confiscated their passports and failed to pay them wages. They reported to the Saudi police some of whom allegedly tried to make sexual advances on them even if they have covered themselves in a burqa while in detention.

Saudi Immigration officials turned the runaways to the Philippine Embassy for repatriation to Negros Oriental. Since they were employed via the PESO office, the provincial government decided to employ the siblings as job order workers so they could earn enough to start a new chapter of their lives. Counseling has been provided for their emotional recovery.



Habal-habal: there ought to be a law amid rising crime

Their routes are very conducive to crimes. Their passengers are at their mercy. They have no legal personality. But they are a reality.

They travel to isolated and remote mountain places in unholy hours, with their identities convenient to conceal. There are hundreds of habal-habals operating across the province particularly at night. And lately, habal-habal drivers have started committing crimes , victimizing hapless passengers.

So, there ought to be law , a special ordinance , governing their operations because even if they have no personality before the LTO, they are necessary means of tansport to the hinterlands because our government has not opened enough roads for our mountainfolks.

Their regular passengers are teachers, students, market goers, government workers, you name it, they all ride the habal-habal 24/7 braving rain or shine , day or night. There lies the danger of abuse.


The recent rape of a teenage girl by a habal-habal driver in one dark mountain trek, raises the need for the passage of an ordinance that would regulate this activity and provide a mechanism that protects both the passengers and habal-habal drivers.

There have been some stories of alleged assaults and robbery committed by drivers for motorcycles-for-hire or commonly known as habal-habal with some victims keeping their silence.

There have been reports of drivers falling victims to their passengers prompting some of them even to carry weapons rightrfully forself defense but unfortunately they are also being used in committing crimes.




If the illegal drug trade continues, it is mainly because the source of money to buy drugs from street peddlers are not ut. Sadly but truly, most of the drug money come from the parents themselves of drug buyers and users. The peddlers have mostly “graduated” from that stage.

We don’t know yet or it might still be too early to officially know whether the 200 cellphones distributed by the city mayor to the different barangay sectors and informants have produced positive results in the campaign against the illegal drug trade.

There was that ceremonious publicity stating that the city government secured over P200 thousand worth of cellphones which were given to barangay captains, tanods and selected intelligence agents in the barrios.

There is no more time for all sectors concerned to point fingers at others, for the city’s failure to stop the killings because of the competition in the illegal drug trade.

The call of the hour is for all agencies and enforcers alike to produce results by minimizing, if not eliminating, the killings of suspected drug peddlers instead of arresting them and haul them to court to face justice.

The city mayor who very recently distributed those 200 cellphones linked to his domain, hopes to create a contact system that will inform the city mayor himself about illegal drug trade and transactions going on in the barrios. This is prone to manipulation.

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