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  Mayor K meets department heads at her favorite spot. Mayor K stressing how an effective interconnectivity of actions and initiatives among departments can promote an environmentally sound progress and development.  

COA RESHUFFLED! bares cellphone list

Government auditors in Negros Oriental got their turn to be reshuffled to different assignments . This is timely done in the wake of the election season.

The Commission on Audit in Negros Oriental and its towns and cities have been subjected to a major reshuffle of the agency’s top officials in order to maintain their independence and “lessen their familiarity with their territory.”

The new assignments of COA auditors are:

Iannie Bulos, is now the provincial COA head as team leader and State auditor. She used to audit the towns of Manjuyod, Bindoy and Ayungon. She took over Sylvia Almazan who is now assigned to audit Bais and Tanjay cities;

From Bais, Evelyn Villareal is now auditing the DPWH. Manjuyod to Bindoy and Ayungon area is now audited by Epi Misamis.
The Bacong-Valencia-Dauin and Zamboanguita finances are audted by COA’s Rizalito Mira.

From the GSIS auditing office, Sahara Andaya is now the auditor of the Sibulan, San Jose and Amlan areas. The Baywan, Sta Catalina and Basay areas are now audited by Joselyn Alviola.



Gwen guilty but forgiven; verdict has chilling effect

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia was found guilty but forgiven of her administrative charge of a multimillion land scam in Cebu by virtue of the Aguinaldo doctrine which exonerates administrative guilt of a reelected public official in an election preceding judgment.

The chilling question is: are there local public officials in negros oriental who could be similarly situated and could face the same fate and get the chilling effect of cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia’s experience? you are not prevented from using your wild imagination.

In 2008 Gov Garcia was charged for approving the purchase of a large private property involving 24.9 hectares of the infamous Balili land estate in Naga City in ll parcels of land, paid in cash by the cebu provincial government for P98.9 million. It was found out that out of the 24.9 hectares of land bought, 19.6 hectares were submerged in sea water “hence the ombudsman said” it cant be used for the purpose of developing an international seaport and attract investors nor even for the development of housing sites.”



We got an informative note from the chairperson herself of the Commission on Audit Chairman Maria Gracia M. Pulido Tan, that “government loses do not necessarily mean graft and corruption. Only the Court can declare it to be so, not the COA.”

This statement from COA comes timely in the current local issues about the alleged splurge of expensive cellphones in the capitol in 2011 amounting to P2.5Millioin which the COA Audit Report described as one that is not in the regular course of things.

A very striking and significant statement from the COA chairperson herself Atty Ma Gracia Pulido has struck a significant note in the wake of COA reports now made by some un-informed commentaries that such is bordering on graft and corruption. Not always so, says the COA chairperson and we quote her in one outstanding case:

“Indeed, the pecuniary loss that we have found from our audits amount to great sums, and should be appropriately addressed. Towards this end, proper attribution to those accountable should be made and generalizations avoided.”

The COA chair added: “ Pecuniary loss does not necessarily result from graft, and it is only the courts that can make a judgment of graft. Our duty is to refer to the Ombudsman our audit findings, and this we have also stated in our Report”.

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"Jesus, the Giver of
life, feed us by your word, that we may feed the needs of a troubled world."


THE Comelec reported that all went well in the mock elections of Saturday wherein two Dumaguete precincts were included in thenationwide mock elections. But we cannot be conclusive because on election counting night itself, anything could happen like brownouts, that could bogg down the online system and there goes your automated tabulation.

I am a permanent worker at the GSO in the capitol for 20 years. I am here to defend Gov Degamo over the cell phone issued paid by the taxpayers of Negros Oriental. I am aghast by the timing. Yet in 2001 the first employees to be issued cellphones were the cadaver transporters, drivers, plumbers, because they are on-call 24/7.


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