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  VILLAGERS GIVE A RESOUNDING YES TO VOTING INSIDE THE MALL in Calindagan during a public hearing conducted by the Comelec. Voting centers inside the mall gives more convenience to the voting population and could encourage more voters turnout. This will be a good precedent to future elections in Dumaguete and elsewhere.  

      Tourism road shows “in aid of election?”    

City administration candidates might face electioneering charges before the Comelec and possible graft before the Ombudsman if the tourism roadshows in l5 barangays will continue at the ex pense of election rules.

There is a growing observation that city tourism officer RR Maquilinig Jr, son of Vice Mayor Woodrow Maquiling Sr is allegedly “strategizing” by using these barangay “tourism roadshows” as a smokescreen to the real motive which is gaining votes, exposures and favors from the electorate in the guise of tourism entertainment roadshows using public funds.During the shows, candidates are may say their piece.

The most intriguing part is that the giant pictures of the congressional bet and the city mayoral bet for Dumaguete are prominently displayed in front of the barrio roadshows as if to entice favor from the voters, and to the clear exclusion of other candidates with or without them in the line up.

But in fairness to RR Maquiling the city tourism officer, who is the son of the vice mayor, now running for city mayor, said that all other candidates are welcome to even speak during the roadshows.

But most definitely the administration bets of the city are promently scheduled ahead, and recognized during the tourism roadshows using public funds...



So President Aquino will proclaim the coalition lineup in the local level and his choice of course is coalition with George Arnaiz who is joined by the official administration ticket for Negros Oriental.

Mar Roxas in order to asuage the disappointment of second disirict mayors when Roxas met with the Degamo bandwagon rally in Dumaguete, promised to bring Pnoy in March to proclaim the LP NPC coalition bets without the Degamo camp.

Roxas said, he will not join Degamo on stage when PNOy comes, meaning, the Arnaiz tandem is the choice of the LP administration. Degamo is just being accommodated for mutual convenience.

Mutual convenience in the sense that if Degamo will support Roxas, Roel’s Ombudsman cases will in turn sit and hibernate in the files of the graft body. In short, support Roxas and Degamo will not be suspended for his graft cases. Analysts opine. That’s the quid pro quo.

So, if Roxas will support or prefer (for bigger funding?) the Arnaiz governorship, then Degamo might switch and go for Binay since Meniong Teves group is also for Binay and Degamo and it will be viable option and Plan B for Degamo.

But if Roxas will prefer Degamo, the Arnaiz group, too, is prepared to go for Grace Poe as they are also the NPC loyalists’ head in Negros Oriental. George told reporters that once the NPC makes up its mind, they will all go solid for whoever they decide to support.



The splattered six public school divisions of Negros Oriental and its 5 component cities which sent 600 athletes plus scores of officials and coaches to the first Negros Island Region Athletic Association Meet in Bacolod have suffered embarrassing losses mainly because Negros Occidental was united as one team, as one delegation, while we in Oriental to the ostentatiousness of some of its officials brought six delegations which fought against each other only to suffer major losses as expected.

On the first day alone, NOccidental got 12 golds in the tracks/athletics while NOriental got only one gold in 110M relays. Thursday before deadline of this paper, NOccidental already harnessed 23 golds while NOriental got only 5 golds, two for tracks,1 for archery,1for taekwando, and 1gold for Guihulngan in 500m relay. We hope that by Friday (past our deadline) we will get more gold.


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