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  Davao Mayor Ronald Duterte speaking before State University students last Wednesday, as he advocated for Federalism and/or if all else fail, a revolutionary government.  

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Board of Regents member of the Negros Oriental State University, Rep. Pryde Henry Teves announced that “the resignation of NORSU Pres. Dr. Don Vicente Real is now moot and academic because he was dismissed two days before the date of his resignation.”

Yet, despite his plea that he be given a “graceful exit through resignation from office,” the members of the Negros Oriental State University Board of Regents are not yet fully convinced nor inclined to grant Dr Real’s plea for “compassionate approval.”

Dr. Real submitted his resignation letter on January 23, 2015 which was addressed to Commission on Higher Education Chairperson Patricia Licuanan through BOR Chairman Minella Alarcon and members of the BOR.

A medical certificate which indicated that Real was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at the Bais City Health Office was attached to the letter...



There is no question that Davao’s socalled “Dirty Harry” and being their kind of mayor for the last 22 years is the kind of leader we need for president. He is a lawyer, prosecutor, local government expert, and definitely the feared determined killer of hoodlums and drug addicts and has a lot of common sense and a common touch. What more does this country need?

He understands Christian and Muslim cultures, knowing that in future upheavals, Mindanao will be the battleground. The Mamapasano Massacre of 44 PNP commandos is just the beginning.

Yes, for one thing, Duterte has to over come his “apans” like , his foul language in public, lack of statesmanship, and be more open to reality. Ronnie lover boy has to temper his braggadocio as a womanizer because this Christian nation shuns this character and the clergy is a potent force for his bloom or doom.

How can he be elected president if he does not convince enough people that his kind of Federalism is better than our centralized form of democracy? How can he overcome the tycoons of vested interests who will never give up imperial Manila and fight for its retention to the bone!



Truth to tell, we are all fed up with coups or overthrowing the Malacañang-run government. This has been going on since Marcos, Cory, Estrada and now PNoy Aquino? ——Not again!

Another truth to tell is that COUP TALKS will never simmer down unless the rule of law reigns supreme in this country. Coups happen because laws cannot reach the untouchables, especially Malacañang.

Like the Mamasapano massacre: it is very clear that the buck stops with the commander-in-chief; it is a fact that his PNP suspended chief was meddling in the Mamapasano operations which resulted in 44 PNP commandos killed.

"God devised a
plan of redemption that satisfies His justice
and His Love."


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