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  Incumbents coalition in 2D. Administration bets in the city, province and 2nd district under Mat Roxas ticket, decided to coalesce in order to be assured of victory. LR Gobernatorial standard bearer Rep George ARnaiz (NPC); Congressional bet City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria (NPC) ; Vice Gov Mark Macias (LP) and BM bet Rommel Erames. (NPC).  

      Elite troops to guard polls here    

No less than the national chief PNP director general Ricardo Marquez, has ordered the deployment of special operations groups to secure Negros Oriental and five other provinces as among the top identified election “Watchlist” areas (EWAs) for the May 9 local and national elections.

The augmentation of special elite PNP forces called the special operations task groups RSOTG were sent to help in the local police operations in five other provinces, namely, Maguidanao, Lanao del Sur, Western Samar, Masbate and Pangasinan. The sixth is Negros Oriental.

The special security focus is deployed here because of the extreme political rivalry in the three districts both in the congressional and gubernatorial derby.

They were also here during the 2013 midterm elections which involved 15 provinces. Now it is reduced to 6 provinces.

PNP director general Marquez and local PD PSSupt Harris Fama have been making the rounds to evaluate police readiness for May 9 elections.

The PNP chief said: “We are doing this to help create an environment that will be conducive for the holding of peaceful and orderly elections,” in a meeting with police chiefs in Pangasinan...



No matter how one puts it, the giving of financial assistance to constituents is only a band aid solution and a confirmation that the government has failed to solve the poverty problem. It is also spoiling the people to become lazy.

Firstly, why should mayors and governors distribute financial assistance and say “hinabang ni gov, ni mayor ha….” What? How dare these people claim ownership of the financial aid when all that money BELONGS TO THE TAXPAYERS! And not a single centavo is owned by that distributing person. Makaulaw! Well, unless... walay ulaw.

Of course people will feel good, to be given money for doing nothing. This is also like the welfare program in America and other countries in the West wherein the poor get free food, blankets and allowances from the taxpayers money.

The difference there and here is: there, money for welfare is distributed by government employees. Here, it is distributed by mayors and governors as if they own the money, based on the promo lingo dished out by their barkers.

Sorry to say but in other more civilized countries, this giving of financial aid , bringing the recipients to the mayors’ and governors’ offices is downright fooling the people, giving them false hopes. They do not know that these officials are also like poor mendicants chunking as big as possible, the prices so they can get kickbacks.—not all are dong it.



Whether these are well-timed or illtimed during election season, the government has so designed its super-finance-rich dole out programs in such a way that , it will make the government look like a summer Santa Claus giving away all kinds of financial, medical and even livelihood supports for the masses hoping that the people will forget,— no, remember— them on election day.

The P100-billion “walang iwanan fund” of the administration is the best oiled political machinery that has never been tried and tested for years for this magnitude. That is P100-million for every million number of citizens in every town and city.

The administration then so believes that there is no more need to buy votes because right now, they are buying their hearts with a lot of financial “goodwill” doleouts.


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