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  DSWD-7 Staff lead by Information Officer Leah Quintana briefed the member of media in Dumaguete City on DSWD’s convergence strategy and program held on Tuesday at the Plaza Maria Luisa (PIO DUMAGUETE)  

      Degamo's dilemma: to or not to VETO!    

Governor Roel Degamo faces an executive dilemma whether or not to interpose a veto or approve the P1.7 billion annual budget of the provincial government, which he has to decide on or before February 28.

If he approves the budget as a whole, he will be the first governor of this province who shall be deprived of an intelligence fund and budget for medical and surgical missions to the barangays, which are among his administration’s priorities to bring government closer to the masa.

However, if he vetoes some items in the annual budget, the risk is also high since the action would be counterproductive if his critics in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan would be able to override his veto. The Sanggunian needs 8 votes out of the regular 12 members, excluding the Vice- Governor being the Presiding Officer, to override the Governor’s veto...



Our downtown city streets are getting more and more congested because all 85,000 vehciles and tricycles are dumped everyday in one small downtown circumference.

Our city policymakers and city hall have closed its eyes on expanding to the outskirts. It is either nobody knows urban planning enough, or they simply have no initiative nor the guts except prepare for the next elections and sport papogi faces. Let’s not reelect these kinds.

Policymakers, city council, people if you want to be reelected, please show some improved initiatives. How can you people in city hall afford to live and see a congested city with people and vehicles and do not devise how to disperse traffic into the outskirts of the city?

Show us your performance, your legislative track records like what Allan Cordova did before. Show, report, what you have done.

Councilor Dandan Teves favors the idea of satellite markets in the barangays so that people there will no longer go to downtown markets just to buy spices, rice and prime commodities. One ordinance will do and the satellite markets will sprout like mushrooms there.



The option to make peace should not be compromised by the option to make war. War is never an option to achieve peace.

Going down to brass tacks on the Mamasapano massacre of 44, let that incident be a costly lesson for those who committed grievous tactical mistakes. But let it not be a reason to go to war and wage violence for violence.

Yet the people demand justice, such as convictions no less. Even if it takes forever, the sustainance of peace talks will be a deterrent against war. So long as the peace talks are alive, there will always be a ceasefire and less innocent lives will be lost. And there will be less misencounters as compared to a daily run for dear life in an all-out war.

Records will show that at the duration of the peace talks, there were less if not nil encounters between government and MILF. We are still consistent with our analysis that the lure and greed for the bounty money of $5Million USD was a major motivating factor to such costly incident. Of course the mission was half accomplished with the killing of terrorist Marwan ,and lives saved from Marwan’s future bombs. On the run is Usman, the other terrorist whose days are numbered.

"The first step to
true wisdom is a reverent
and respectful attitude towards God."


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Ash Wednesday Lesson

The events that have transpired recently in the country affecting the police and the military have somehow created a gap between our law enforcers and the government. Ideally, government and the military are supposed to work hand in hand to ensure peace and order among our people...
“The Ugly American”

The 1958 novel takes place in a fic tional Asian nation called Sarkhan (a country in Southeast Asia that some might say somewhat resembles the Philippines) The book describes the United States losing the struggle against Communism because of arrogance and the failure...

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