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  No dredging, no mining? Gov. Roel Degamo pacifies angry Tambacan folks who want black sand mining stopped and dredging to continue. The project cost is P3.8-billion on an ”exchange deal” basis with the Tanjay LGU and Sino Italy.  

Church appeals! Stop Killings!

The Diocese of Dumaguete and with full support of the people called the Diocesan Council of the Laity “openly and vociferously criticize the frequent shooting incidents in Dumaguete which only this year has slaughtered four individuals in separate incidents,” even as they appealed to the authorities to initiate bold moves against wanton killings in Dumaguete. Two more were killed mercilessly this weekend (see separate story).

Diocesan Bishop Julito Cortes announced that the 42 parishes all over Negros Oriental from Jimalalud to Basay jurisdictions, will hold a mammoth “Caravan for Life” which is intended to dramatize and vocalize the people’s support for life as a gift of God and should not be taken away wantonly.

The “Caravan for Life” will be held at the Macias Sports Center on Feb 25 in the morning. The highlights will be a holy mass an “voiceferous denouncements by civic and religious leaders of the province,” headed by the governor Roel Degamo and the city mayor of Dumaguete Manuel Sagarbarria.

Aside from the 42 parishes who will bring no less than 100 participatns will be that of Siquijor and the 22 DORMC renewal movement communities in Dumaguete headed by William Ablong.

According to Diocesan Vicar General Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing, the wanton destruction of life can either be during pregnancy by illegal abortion, or, during adulthood thru criminal extra judicial killings.



Subpoena from Ombudsman
to a high capitol official?

We do not want to believe that a high ranking official of the capitol received a subpoena from the Ombudsman seeking his reply and side regarding a high profile controversy which has something to do with climate change. The report is all over the capitol but is kept under wraps. There is no official confirmation. Therefore the report is unofficial. It needs to be verified. Did the subpoena arrive last Thursday? Many are talking in whispers all over town. Is this true?

Remember a subpoena from the Ombudsman is not an indictment but a fact-finding process in which said official can refute any true or false accusation. It could be tainted with politics. But we trust in the lady Ombudsman who is known for her fair investigative prowess.

She is always very carefull to make sure that any case filed with the Sandiganbayan will be air tight and not fall into dismissal in the future.

In journalism, this is what is called an initial unofficial report which needs to be verified. This is not official yet. Anybody can refute or confirm the report. But since the newspapers have deadlines to meet, the Supreme Court in a decision said that this matter must be taken into consideration. A follow up story may be written in the next edition to confirm or deny such report, if any.

In broadcast, a follow up story is important. This is what you call a running story. It changes and develops by the minute.



Two more victims of murderous shootings fell upon hapless victims in Dumaguete after the PNP had earlier confirmed the fourth victim within this year in city of gentle people. Some Gentle people are just killed by hired assassins from other provinces for a measly. How sad.

And what extra efforts are our authorities extending to protect its -own citizens from migrant-hired murderers? More policemen (who are also mostly migrants), deploy 80 or so cellphones for more informants to the mayor to report any crime ; more motorcycles many donated by private firms; what else? Have they reduced the killings? Maybe. But the fact remains that in just the first two months of this year , six have already been killed, the two latest, just last Wednesday.

Reasons advanced: nobody can prevent a determined assassin; the police cannot be in all places all the time; we need more citizens who will quickly report crimes as it happens; no witnesses to testify; we have poor forensic capabilities and no DNA capability at all; there are just too many people and strangers in our growing city. What else?

The police too have families. They cannot afford to risk their necks on determined assassins by engaging them head on ; there are just too many poor people who will accept a few thousand pesos for a contract.
So what will this community do?

The entire Diocese of Dumaguete headed by Bishop Julito Cortes is spearheading a Caravan for Life. Some 10,000 strong are expected here on Tuesday to join the prayer for LIFE , its preservation; and protection. The Diocese of the Laity and the clergy will gather their flock the Macias Sports Complex to pray for peace. This is the best option where no man can overcome this spiritual warfare.

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