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  BAM backs KAren V's bid

It was star-studded amid the gloomy skies when national figures and Liberal Party bigwigs bann stormed Dumaguete City with no less than the campaign manager and Senator Franklin Drilon heading the team. Also present during the affair were Benigno “Bam” Aquino, Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal, Grace Poe, Coco Pimentel represented by sister Gwen Pimentel, and Edgardo “Sonny” Angara represented by wife Tootsie Angara.

The Provincial Team of the Liberal Party of Negros Oriental and Siquijor were in full force with Congresswoman and gubernatorial hopeful Jocelyn “Josy” Sy Limkaichong at the helm.

Quite hard to ignore was the display of closeness between Bais City Mayor Karen F. Villanueva and Senatoriable Bam Aquino as they buddied along shaking hands with the people and conspicuously sat beside each other at the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex stage. The two seemed to be catching up with some things as their chatting went on from the house of Congresswoman Limkaichong during a breakfast until the said proclamation rally.

Graft raps - vs - high capitol dad

The Bureau of Local Government Finance is conducting a preliminary investigation on graft charges filed by a lady provincial board member against the provincial treasurer of Negros Oriental to determine whether there is probable cause in filing administrative charges against him.

A graft charge was filed by Board Member Jessica Jane (Ikay) Villanueva – Koppin against Danilo Mendez for “alleged dishonesty, gross negligence, abuse of authority and malversaton of public funds,” under the governorship of Roel Degamo.

1st District Board Member Jessica Jane Koppin, is a loyal partymate of Liberal Party gubernatorial bet 1st District Jocelyn “Josy” Limkaichong who is running for governor against Gov Roel Degamo.
But this is just a fact finding process. If the BLGF finds no probable cause, then the case will be dismissed. Otherwise, the administrative case will follow in case there is indeed a probable cause.



Tourism boosters despite
infrastructure setbacks

It should be lamentable, but we’d rather say it’s inspiring to note that despite the virtual unpreparedness of our limited tourism infrastructure, the tourist arrivals in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental have increased by 160% in Janaury 2013 compared to the arrivals in January last year.

We are talking about 27,713 tourist arrivals this January alone, as compared to 17,374 visitors of January last year. Of these, 22,448 are arrivals of Filipino visitors residing in the Philippines, meaning, domestic tourists; 4,883 arrivals of foreigners or non-Philippine residents; and 382 arrivals of Balikbayans and overseas Filipino workers.

The stastistics of the City Tourism office said the visitors , all occupied l6,863 rooms out of the available 43,091 rooms (surprise?) now open in local hotels, pension houses and resorts all over Negros Oriental province!

What do all these indicate? Unmistakably, people from all over the world are discovering that Dumaguete and Negros Oriental, despite its unpreparedness in infrastructures, are being visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Whether we like it or not, hey, they’re now all coming to Dumaguete. And hey, people, what are we doing about it? There’s dollars waiting in our doorsteps!



While the nation is set to celebrate tomorrow, February 25, the 27th anniversary of the world’s original “People Power” made in the Philippines, the generation who lived through 1986 and beyond are quite saddened because the supposed freedoms we have regained are once again under seige, although resisted vigorously by a fresh batch of new leaders.

But in all fairness, there are also many gains of EDSA, which are now institutionalized and enshrined in our country, and for this, we pay tribute to the people of EDSA who helped earn these gains with their blood, sweat and tears.

Foremost in the minds of many is the fact that EDSA’s fire was ignited with the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. But sadly, until today, the brains of the murder of the century, which changed the pace of this country, has or have not yet been positively identified and brought to justice.

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