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  CIVILIAN SUPREMACY over the Police is displayed here as DILG SEC MEL SARMIENTO (in polo barong) briefed the PNP hierarchy under PCS Conrado Serrano Capa, (left) acting region7 director PRO18 and PSSupt Harris Fama PD for NegOr on the serious concern of law enforcers to abort possible violence in the May 9 polls.  

      Troops focus on watch list areas    

The personal supervision of Negros Oriental and six other sensitive election watchlist areas in the country , by no less than the Secretary of Interior and Local Governments SILG Mel Sarmeinto (right photo) indicates the seriousness of the threat of possible violence due to the extreme rivalry among many political camps.

The alter ego of the President who took over Sec Mar Roxas was in Dumaguete to personally assure the DILG’s civilian presence in supervising the May 9 election. He said in a media interview that the gun ban is less effective because of human rights restrictions on warrantless searches.

Five cities and six municipalities are on the watch list of the Commission on Elections where police and military augmentation forces will be primarily deployed to prevent any outbreak of violence.

Of the 11 cities and municipalities, Guihulngan City belongs to Category 3 due to the reported presence of armed groups coupled with intense political rivalry.

On the other hand, the cities Canlaon, Tanjay and Bais and the municipalities of La Libertad, Pamplona, Sta. Catalina and Siaton were listed under Category 2 for the presence of armed groups.

While presumably the least troublesome Category 1 includes Bayawan City...



In the absence of any law to that effect, the proper term for same-sex cohabitation in whatever form, we believe, is CIVIL UNION, not marriage.

Using the word marriage will insult the majority who have held sacred the time-honored union between male and female FOR THE PURPOSE OF PRO-CREATION> So who is discriminating?

Same sex cohabitation cannot pro-create physically therefore in fairness to the majority, such same-sex cohabitation cannot be called marriage but CIVIL UNION. Call it CIVIL MARRIAGE, which is long accepted.

So convenient, so accepted. Why the fuss?

Surveys in countries where this same sex union is legalized, it was found out that the majority of the same-sex who unionized themselves legally are mostly protecting their properties so as not to be passed to other families of the partner.

In short, the CIVIL UNION is more of preserving or protecting the desire to preserve and perpetuate personal or real properties of either or both partners.

There us no difference in feelings, both marriage and civil unionists love each other presumably. Nothing about love is diminished in either ceremony.



The streets of Dumaguete are in absolute chaos especially during rush hours morning, afternoon and evening. And nobody is in charge. Why? Because it is election season and our locals officials seem to want to pamper our voters to the extent of apparently neglecting the welfare of the silent majority of taxpayers. This is unfair. It will cost them our votes.

Consider visiting any city, municipal or provincial hall. Nobody is seemingly in charge. Most locals, especially elective officials are all gone —out campaigning. Only glorified clerks are left.

Worse, they do not answer phone calls most of them.

It’s a don’t-call-me-I-call-you season. Some avoid scammers’ solicitations. The spirit of public service seems to be in suspended animation. This is the bad part of election season. Most local officials are out in the barrios while their offices are left without any boss, thus, anything goes.


God can use bad and sad events for good ends. His ways are beyond ours.



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