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  Traffic in Dumaguete absolute c-h-a-o-s! The community will vote for any mayor, repeat, any mayor, who can institute solution to our horrendous traffic problem. We are a small city and our city authorities cannot even manage our traffic! It’s like a house owner who cannot even manage his own household.  
  JANUARY 03, 2016 EDITION  

      No master plan; No direction?    

"A growing city like Dumaguete needs a master plan for the next ten to 15 years if it has to maximize its economic potentials and sustainability. A city without such master plan, in short has no direction, and is going around circles.”

This was the assessment of California, USAbased urban planner, Engr. Efren Padilla, who has volunteered to help co-Silliman alumni, Atty. Felipe Remollo, firm up a master plan for this growing city.

This is the second time after l5 years that Padilla volunteered his services not just for Remollo but for the city community where he lived during his college days at Silliman, and where he also had a short stint as professor.

In a CHRONICLE interview via CROSS TALK radio show at DYEM BAI RADIO, Padilla, who guested on the program, said he was visiting Dumaguete before Christmas , on his way to Guimaras, Iloilo where he comes from.

He and Atty. Remollo answered questions also from the audience who were curious about the master plan update for Dumaguete.

Basically, Padilla has the following on the board for Dumaguete...



Imagine a motorist getting out from the Silliman Medical Center at 9am, catching a quick breakfast at McDonalds plaza Rizal, and got back to the Medical Center, arrived at 11:45am!

The time spent is like going to Bais city! —when the area traversed is only four short blocks away!

That’s how bad the traffic in Dumagete is! It takes 30 minutes to leave Bantayan and arrive in the downtown BPI area during rush hours of 7-9am; 12- 2pm or 5-7pm.

Very true, walking or biking is a viable option.

The community will vote for any mayor , repeat, any mayor, who can institute solution to our horrendous traffic problem. We are a small city and our city authorities cannot even manage our traffic! It’s like a house owner who cannot even manage his own household.

There are only two viable candidates for mayor we’ve known of naught, a third one is not sure yet we were told. Anyone of them who can smoothen our traffic will be the next mayor of Dumaguete. We have suffered long enough, it’s about time the community moves. This is too much.



Dumagete’s Growth is inevitable, what we need now is how to manage GROWTH.

This was the simple assessment of California- based urban planner and professor of California State University, Dr. Efren Padilla, a Fulbright scholar in urban planning and an outstanding Sillimanian Awardee in 2007, a regular guy who just loves Dumaguete. As we said before , all it takes is passion and the will to do.

The Good doctor of urban planning, purposely came to Dumaguete before Christmas in order to assess for himself how Dumaguete has grown in l5 years since his aborted plan to have urbanized a well-planned city of Dumaguete.

Padilla said and we agree, government centers and offices must be the first to be relocated to targeted growth centers. Four barangays have been pinpointed, impressively. And very soon by satellite drone plotting, a modern way of urban planning, where one can see the whole big picture up in the air via the drones.

We personally saw its demonstration at the Manila Polo Club meeting with balik-city hall bet Atty. Felipe Remollo, and its prospective supplier of urban planning via drones. We were quite impressed and hopeful.

FORGIVE: “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven.  

This pertains to your letter dated November 11, 2015 which our office received on November 19, 2015. As to your query whether there were doctors in Dumaguete or Bacolod that were involved in the anomaly, per our record, none from Dumaguete City. Bacolod City is not within our jurisdiction...  
The entry of mayor Digong Duterte of Davao into the presidential derby has changed the entire political landscape, as shown by the fact that pulse asia in metro manila has placed duterte first at 34, Poe at 26, Binay at 21 and Roxas at 11 percent. In fact so many liberals in Mindanao have jumped ship To Duterte after he filed his coc last Friday.  


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