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  La Libertad bridge down, restored. TWO BRIDGES TOO FAR. One, a detour bridge (left) in La Libertad which was cut at the tip from Dumaguete end and the old bridge now impassable because of repairs also cut midway to accommodate people crossing between both unfinished bridges.(Photo by Mark Jay Ilagan)  
  JANUARY 04, 2015 EDITION  

      Seniang wrecks millions in NegOr    

The office of the provincial risk reduction management council for Negros Oriental continues to collate all reports of damages in crops, properties, and infrastructures, irrigation areas and river dikes as a result of the last tropical storm Senyang which hit the province on Monday, Dec. 29 early dawn.

The storm slightly diverted its path. Instead of hitting Dumaguete directly, it swung to the Tañon Strait and made landfall on La Libertad, thru Guihulngan and cutting across Negros island.

Damage to crops, properties and infrastructures may be minimal, with zero casualty, but it could run into millions, said the governor’s storm tracker Beloy Tiongson. Worst hit was the detour bridge in La Libertad which hit a minor collapse at its entrance, cutting all transportation from Bacolod to Negros Oriental for several hours...



It is not wise to look back as in Lot in the Bible , we can better be looking forward and learn from the mistakes of the past because success is made up of failures. Ask Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, even Pnoy the graftbuster.

If Pnoy were not born under a corrupt and oppressive regime, do you think he will be as aggressive as he is now in going after the plunderers? That is why he is worried if his family friend Binay will become president. Of course you know why.

Looks like it’s going to be a one-on-one gubernatorial race for 2016, Roel the reelectionist and George the balik-governor.I suggest Roel and George switch places for 2016 so there will be smooth sailing in the polls. Opps, Chikiting and Erwin are there. So let the race go on.

One of the two said that if elections were held today, he will lose. But things can be different as D-day approaches. The only fear of one is when Ombudsman files a case and suspension be made for 90 days, very timely on election month. Donno what to do. May the best lawyer win...



The opposition by the Board of Regents over the return of the NORSU President to his post after his 90-day preventive suspension on administrative case against him, should not be taken as a serious affront to the peace and tranquility in the biggest school campus in the province.

For both sides have seeming valid reasons unto themselves so that, the impasse should also be resolved by reason not by force. What’s so big at stake is there inside the NORSU coffers that it looks as if they are fighting over a gold mine.

On one hand, NORSU president Dr Vicente Real claims that his 90-day suspension is over by Jan 2, so he took back his seat as president.

Not so fast, say the Board of ‘Regents who reminded Real about the 17 days which disrupted his suspension- days because of the petition for TRO he filed and failed to get, from the Regional Trail Court.

"O God, remove
our crown and let us
place it back on your head,
where it belongs."


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Perfect 10

In the study of numerology, 10 connotes perfection, thus, you say “a perfect 10” or you use it to gauge one’s achievements or to measure your emotional index. Thus, people are wont to say, “On a scale of 1-10 with 10 as the highest and 1 as the lowest, how would you rate...

He was young and handsome and obviously loved the little baby he was carrying. While it was also obvious he was not wealthy or well educated, he probably is a very nice person. The problem was, from the smell, he had not taken a bath in several weeks...

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