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  Genny Antonio ,21 of Pitogo, La Libertad was admitted at NOPH on Dec. 31 with a bullet lodged inside his brain. He was merely given anti tetanus and oxygen. After 24 hours on Jan 1, he was at the corridor, still unattended by a doctor on his head-wound.We reported the matter to Dr Dante Domingo chief of NOPH and they sprang into action. Thank you.  

P73.6-M mega lotto won here

NOT ONE BUT TWO separate bettors in Dumaguete City won the Two Mega Lotto major jackpot draws in the last week of December, making one richer by P43.1-Million under the 6/45 draw, and the other by P30.5 million!

The other was richer by P30.5-Million by winning the 6/ 49 mega draw or a whooping total of P73.6-million just before the new year 2014 entered. These lucky bettors won the jackpot in PCSO tickets sold in outlets located in just one long stretch of highway What a lucky long-street neighborhood winners indeed! This was confirmed by Joseph Muego, of the office of the general manager of the Philippiine Charity Sweepstsakes Office in Manila.

Muego told the CHRONICLE by text about the strict confidentiality of the identities of winners for obvious security reasons.

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) general manager Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II said the player, who guessed the winning combination , has yet to claim the prize.



Scrap all SAROs: tools of corruption

First it was the PDAF. Now it's the SAROs they are scrapping. The government (at least under this administration) is now trying to show seriousness in dismantling the tools of corruption. Maybe the next will be those “negotiated” bids.

Aside from the Supreme Court's declaration and ruling that PDAFs are illegal, the Dept of Budget and Management (DBM) is trying to preempt the high tribunal by abolishing now the SAROs. PDAFs are the pork barrel funds of congressmen and senators which are now removed from their behest. SAROs are special allotment release orders which are the keys and the tools for graft and corruption. These are now removed.

Since we know the pork barrels, let us study how SAROs have become the living bread of the corrupt and human vultures in government. They lay and hatch their nests inside the office of DBM Sec. Butch Abad . The fact that he abolished it, might indicate either that he does not, or no longer tolerates the syndicates' operation from within his own department. Out they go. But will those kicked out not drag the innocent ones?



The emergency room personnel of major hospitals in the city during the new year's eve were specifically instructed to prepare for emergencies especially firecracker accidents. However, what turned out during the new year's eve revelry were motorcycle accidents, driven by drunken drivers all without helmets on . In short, the New Year incidents here filled particularly the provincial hospital were full of motorcycle accident victims and no firecracker blast victim.

There was also a gunshot wound victim, hit in the face and the bullet is still lodged somewhere in his brain yet 24 hours later, the patient was still on status quo because the NOPH would not even give the victim an Xray unless they pay some P2,900 for the Xray and CT scan, according to its male nurse on duty.

However, NOPH chief Dr Dante Domingo denied this, saying, poor patients, upon recommendation of the doctor or head nurse on duty especially at night, should clear emergency cases for X-ray or CT scan because life is at stake. The nurse was wrong, and should be reprimanded for giving the poor people false information. We gave his name to Dr Domingo.

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