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  What’s the jinx in this area that it is the favorite dumping waters for ships during typhoons? It must be some defect in construction. See the rescuers battling the waves of typhoon Auring as GP’s ferry runs aground nearby. The Delta dock looks helpless at bay. (Photo by Renie Nieves)  

1 dead; 228 rescued from Zambo Ferry

One person died while 228 passengers of the ill-fated Zamboanga Ferry of GP Lines have already been sent back to their homes after they were successfully rescued, Thursday morning, when their ship from Zamboanga en route to Cebu ran aground because of giant waves and heavy downpour, spawned by Typhoon Auring, slammed into Dumaguete shorelines, again hitting the already battered waterfront, which was badly hit by Typhoon Pablo last Dec. 4.

The dead passenger was identified by the police as one Julius Nuñez, 34, from Lapu-lapu City, who was reportedly a sick patient en route to further hospitalization in Cebu. He could not stand the pressure and the rigors of the situation at bay.
With three typhoons hitting the waterfront and shorelines in close succession within one year, the PPA has declared four out of seven docking areas as no longer safe for docking.

This prompted the city and provincial leaderships and policymakers to prod the PPA to investigate the real physical weakness of the pier construction and recommend whether to fix or relocate pier services to nearby areas in order to prevent deadly risks to future sea travelers, especially during typhoons.




With the destruction in millions of pesos wrecked by the three recent typhoons and the latest last Wednesday, it is now time to think twice and act as fast on what to do with our obviously misconstructed port areas. Either the piers move out before the next storm comes or those docking boats will be wiped out sooner or later.

Did you know that the Phippine Ports Authroity (PPA) has declared that out of the seven (7) docking areas at the city waterfront, only three (3) are now dock-worthy, meaning, the four others are no longer serviceable?

The PPA, which is in charge of constructing all ports, has an urgent task at hand in order to prevent and preserve the loss of human lives and millions worth of cargoes docked at our ports. They either have to improve the dock-worthiness of our ports or simply RELOCATE the city port somewhere else, and just use the present one for tourism, island-hopping or just fishing purposes.



Will there be enough LTO and its so-called deputies to implement the law and effectively go after sure-expected-violators of the Helmet Law, which has now been put to effect, barring any injunctive order by the Court?

We say, unless there is convincing capability of the LTO to enforce this Helmet Law among 30,000 estimated single-motorcycle users in the city and suburbs, then we can smell some aura of corruption and playing favorites if not looking the other way to favored violators. We cannot help this forecast because we expect there will be just too many violators, not because they want to, but simply because of poverty, they cannot afford a helmet for every rider, front and back, of their slave machine.

We have said countless times that in a culture of poverty, the wage earner has barely enough. He even saves by buying a single motorbike to ferry his children to school at least three times a day, plus his wife to the market, and the entire family to Church on Sundays. You expect all of them to wear standard expensive helmets? Give us a break!

We say, helmet is good for protecting the head. It is enough that the rider be allowed to choose his kind of helmet for his kind of head. We do not foresee a smooth implementation of the law for obvious reasons, and we, instead, foresee a lot of bribery and corruption because violators cannot afford the big fines.

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