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  US Afgan Vet killed. Phil Prins Jon, 32, (encircled) a war photographer and retired U.S, marine in Afghanistan, with his buddies. He was mauled and killed on Dec 26 at the Zanzibar teenagers hangout along Noblefranca fronting Sans Rival.  
  JANUARY 10, 2016 EDITION  

      Year ends/starts with 2 Murders    

U.S. embassy joins probe

The United States embassy is joining the investigation into the murder of a young military veteran and war photographer who was mauled and killed in a restobar on the day after Christmas in what was described as an overkill of an unarmed civilian allegedly by the bar chef and bouncer.

One of four suspects who alleged took turns in mauling-killing former US serviceman voluntarily appeared at the police station in Dumaguete city to give his side on what transpired early dawn on December 26, 2015.

A businesss establishment where a foreign national was mauled to death, was issued a notice of closure order for operating without a mayor’s permit last year.

City Adminstrator William Ablong has confirmed that the closure order notice was issued to Zanzibar Restaurant and Lounge even as murder charges are being readied against employees of the establishments who are suspects in mauling American national Prins Philip Jon, 35 years old, whose Alien Certificate of Registration is a tourist from 26015 Cypress St., Apt 31 Lomita, California and was staying at the Greyhounds Village in barangay Talay, Dumaguete City before his death...



Anyone, everyone, who goes downtown either on foot, on bike or on a vehicle, will say that unless something drastic is done to improve the lot of 100,000 residents of Dumaguete, we are going to the worse this year.

So we need leaders who will use their hearts and their heads in order to speed up the progress which this city has lagged behind . In short, before voting for mayors and councilors, let us know what’s in their heads so we will know what they will do once elected. We can no longer wait and vote, only to know that some of those elected had nothing in their heads to present to the city.

One of the reasons why policymaking in Dumaguete is delayed is that the buck starts with the city council and ends with the city mayor. We observe that most city councilors do not even read the session agenda before hand. They get a first look only when they sit in session. That is why things are always DEFERRED ACTION for further study because the councilor just read it for the first time and need time to think. Not anymore. Next time they should make it a policy to read the agenda one day before. What are they paid P50,000 a month by us taxpayers for?



If approved by the Comelec before Jan l5, mall voting or casting one’s vote inside air-conditioned malls will be a welcome respite for Dumaguete in particular as well as in many other similar places. Sad to say, mall voting can only happen in urbanized centers and cities and not in the rural areas where the integrity of the ballot is at its highest risk especially in the hinterlands. We wish there were malls there, too. ( ha!)

But our most significant aspect that results in mall voting is that the election process becomes more transparent if voting is done in open space like the malls.

In other countries, voting is done where most people converge. In the Philippines, voting is done where there are no people to witness the voting. Notice those public schools where classes are suspended and only voters appear. The polling place at lunch and closing time are virtually empty and this is where the hocus pocus begins precisely.

So we open our support to MALL VOTING. It will make the exercise of suffrage more transparent, people are witnesses to violations of the rules, and people who cheat and buy votes during election day will be caught in the act in the mall because of so many people.

Failing does not make us failures. It only makes us experienced.  

It’ was nice to spend quality time with family and friends. My coming home vacation was the shortest one I have ever had, there is nothing more ful filling than to spend Christmas Day doing an outreach program to benefit the less fortunate folks in the close neighboring towns of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

The highlight of my visit was to be able to distribute presents such as 500 Jollibee packages containing fried chicken, rice, juice & a surprise toy; 683 pairs of ‘spartan’ brand slippers, more than one thousand five hundred bags of the best quality & most expensive rice, ramen noodles, clothing, chocolates, candies, religious items, etc. The recipients who were a combination of children and adults were all smiles to gladly accept these goodies and seeing their faces light up with pleasure felt so delightfully wonderful as shown on the attached photos....


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