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  Balik-governor congressman George Arnaiz updates mayors and leaders in the second district about current projects which continues despite the abolition of the PDAF. LR Mayor Diango Uy, BM Mariant Villegas, chair on appropriations; Rep Arnaiz, Mayor Pictoy Baldoza, City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, and two other local leaders.  
  JANUARY 11, 2015 EDITION  

      Landmark law for City lauded    

The local community has noted and lauded several landmark legislations passed by the City Council during the year that passed, most of which were designed to make life better and easier in this capital city.

In his report to the people of Dumaguete, Vice Mayor Woodrow Maquiling said foremost of such legislations covered areas in Real Estate upgrading of the fair market values of real properties;

The appropriation of P40Million for 36 CCTV cameras and other crime prevention equipment which the city needs to address the increasing incidence of criminality most of which are drug related;

The ordinance prohibiting selfpromotion or the anti-Epal ordinance which prohibits the names and pictures of authors and project initiators;

Another landmark legislation is the charging of the salaries and wages of casual plantilla workers to the lump-sum appropriation, and no longer to the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), which are often subject to COA disallowances...



It has been ages, and every single day, Dumaguete dumps 40 tons of garbage , loaded in l3 trucks to the dumpsite in Candau-ay. Despite the closure order from the DENR, and whatever agency, the city continues to do so without let up. Reason: the city has no other place to dump its garbage.

Today, the 40 tons of daily garbage continues to pile up in the 3-hectare lot owned by the city. With no alternative dumpsite in sight, and with no takers as to where the trash will be dumped, the city has no alternative but to do the following:

Organize and fund Material Recovery Facilities in strategic barangays for P300,000 each. The MRF which is singularly operating in Bgy Junob gathers and segregates garbage in every barangay, process the same into organic fertilizer and dump only those basic garbage to Candau-ay dumpsite.

Or, look for a suitable site , maybe in Dobdob Valencia, sign a MOA with Valencia and create a P50Million sanitary landfill similar to that of Bayawan which is now a success. Dumaguete is just too behind Bayawan now in terms of garbage disposal system. Thanks to the apparent neglect of officials concerned who did not foresee this garbage nightmare in Candau-ay. (see and compare fotos of Bayawan landfill and Dumaguete’s four-story garbage above.)...



The people this week acknowledge the leadership of personalities whose styles are tainted with a true sense of Christian spirit. This tribute to these two leaders is also in line with the visit of Pope Francis to Manila and Tacloban by next Sunday Jan 18 where he will celebrate the Holy Mass in historic Luneta Park and earlier in Yolanda struck Leyte and Samar.

Negros Oriental will have 100 men, women and clergy delegation to the Pope’s visit.

We doff our hat to the members of the City Council headed by its presiding officer BM Woodrow Maquiling for passing landmark legislations which are designed to make life in the city better and lighter. You may read these legislations elsewhere in this issue. This is indicative of their sense of community and duty.

"The door of
repentance opens to
the halls of joy and


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