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  PCSO SEAL OF EXCELLENCE. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has another feather to its cap, in the form of a Seal of Excellence from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for its excellent performance in providing services to the public. PCSO General Manager Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II (third from left) beams with pride as he receives on Monday from PCSO officials Assistant General Manager for Branch Operations Sector RemelizaGabuyo, (second from left) National Capital Region Department Josefina Sarsonas (left) and Lourdes Soliman (right) Tarlac Branch Office Manager. The CSC-Region III office awarded the seal to the PCSO Tarlac branch on Dec. 18, 2013 at the Widus Resort and Casino, Clark Freeport Zone, in Pampanga. (Photo by JOSEPH MUEGO)  

NegOr gives P4M to 7 Samar towns

They came all the way, taking the long and hard route, via Manila, like seven magi from the East (of Samar) instead of giving gifts, they were given gifts of P8Million from a compassionate province of Negros Oriental for eight (“less attended”) towns of Eastern Samar which were battered by super typhoon Yolanda last October 15.

Represented by their mayors, from 7out of 8 towns of Eastern Samar, their Samar LGUs received half a million pesos each (P500,000) from the PEOPLEof Negros Oriental thru the provincial government chief executive GovDegamo.

According to the provincial board member Erwin Macais, the money came from the P20-million unused and budgeted for quick-response money for any disaster-hit areas in this province.



Globe giving money big money for Smart...

As an ordinary cellphone user, I notice that perhaps without Globe knowing, they (Globe) are virtually making big money for Smart, their No. 1 competitor.

I am speaking out of personal experience and surely it can be multiplied several million times all over the country, knowing that 27-million Filipinos are now using cellphones. Proof of this are the CP-bearing househelps, the pier arrastre stevedores, the working student, jailin mates, and hopefully not the mendicants and the badjaos.

Why is Globe unknowingly (or knowingly?) allowing Smart to make big money and certainly, not at Globe’s behest! How can this be happening, a Globe executive would say this is the biggest industrial blunder that can happen.

Well, here’s how: I am summarizing what is happening. I have a Globe superduo plan that costs P599 a month which allows me to call unlimited Globelines cell phones for 30 days. The problem is: there is no globe signal in our spot in Piapi specifically at DYEM fm studios. Globe has poor signal strength in this area. Why is globe not improving its signal here?



Transparency, particularly customer satisfaction, institutionalization of the welfare of women and children, and implementation of a common tourism destination are among the three top priorities for 2014 insofar as city policy makers in the Sanggunian are concerned.

Three new ordinances have been passed within the last eight months indicating their urgency, and after their election into office. The good part is, three policies on transparency, gender development and tourism are now part of the local laws. It is only a matter of implementing the same which is really the big part, including its funding which again, is even the make-or-break part.

It is not how much or how big the city earns, but how satisfied are our customers, meaning, our constituents, stakeholders of the service rendered by our public officials in the government.

In short, transparency is about the elimination if not the abolition of official arrogance from government culture. It is also about leveling with the people, and not sitting in an ivory tower . One legislator grades the implementors of transparency at 82% and the tourism compliance at 85%.

Transparency will follow if the employees at city hall are well informed and educated. But if one relies on mere tradition and norms, and worse, politics, then the transparency test will fail.

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