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  Leaders at pier rescue operations. Rep. George Arnaiz, Mayor Manuel Sagarbaria, and his vice-mayor, Alan Gel Cordova, were leading rescuers in the first typhoon that hit NegOr island on Jan. 3 this new year. Better preparedness always pays. There was only one casualty, a sick patient. The 228 passengers of the ill-fated GP Zamboanga Ferry were all rescued to safety.  

Comelec, LTO reshuffled here

The Commission on Elections has ordered a top-to-bottom reshuffling of assignments of virtually all election registrars in Negros Oriental which will take effect very shortly.


At the same time, the controversial Land Transportation Officer Roland Ramos has been odered assigned to Jagna town in Bohol by the regional LTO. He was replaced by Atty. Vicente Gador of Carcar Cebu. Gador hails from Negros Oriental. He paid a courtesy call on Mayor Sagarbarria last Friday. Gador’s intensity and enthusiasm on the helmet law implementation could not yet be determined. It could not be confirmed whether Ramos’ reassignment to Jagna, Bohol is part of the LTO’s propagation of the helmet law of which Ramos was a passionate advocate. There are unconfirmed reports that the customs bureau here is with holding a sea-van full of motorcycle helmets reportedly consigned to a certain Mr. Ramos. Customs has yet to confirm or deny this report or to which Mr. Ramos is this shipment for.

For a starter, the provincial election registrar here, Atty. Eddie Aba is reassigned to Cebu province. Aba will be replaced by Atty. Gerome Brillantes concurrent election officer for Tanjay.



(Tribute to Friends of Media)

Not only were they town mates and best of friends, they had the same first names: Pacifico. One was called PK-puti and the other PK-itom because of the color of their skin. Both were great friends of MEDIA too.

As they grew together to be 85, both lawyers, one a former executive judge and the other long time register of deeds of the city and province, visited each other to remind that one must not leave the other; that they must journey together even to the great beyond. Their wish was granted.

Former executive judge Pacifico (Pikong) Bulado died on Jan 4 and Atty Pacifico (Pikong) Macalua, died two days later on Jan 6. The entire judicial, legal and law academes took turns in visiting their wakes. Judge Bulado and Atty Macalua were both law professors at Silliman Unviersity besides being SU alumni. They both hail from Guihulngan.


Bulado when he was at the helm of the judiciary as executive judge for six years, in the late 90s was a leading media opinion-maker in matters of legal issues. He was always guest at DYEM FM’s various public affairs programs. His legal opinions were well respected by the community. He was one of a kind. He had a good sense of humor especially at his daily grind at the Praxivilla tennis court before he bangs the gavel at his sala.



Under the Local Government Code, the annual appropriation ordinance shall be based on the annual budget, which starts as a proposal by the governor.

Properly understood, the budget is primarily a systematic and detailed plan of government functions and undertakings, and this needs money to fund projects and programs, which are designed to serve and to benefit the people.

This aspect of budgeting is important because a request is made by the executive to the legislative for a lump sum appropriation with which to fund and implement public works projects. Without legislative authorization, it is not possible for public funds to be released from government coffers.

The governor was reported to have already submitted his proposed annual budget for this year to the provincial board for approval before the year ended on December 27, to be exact.

However, record shows that the provincial board returned the proposed budget for adjustments under Resolution No. 912. Six voted for the return, while 5 voted against the resolution. The governor told the provincial board in a letter, January 7, Monday, requesting for the approval of the annual budget, which he resubmitted without modification during last January 8’s board session.

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