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  Police PD Director Col Dionard Carlos and Comelec provincial chief Atty. Eddi Aba man the check point site near /St Paul University intersection during the start of the election period and gun ban which will last until June 8.  
  JANUARY 17, 2016 EDITION  

      Pass: muffler law before elections    

City Vice Mayor Woodrow Maquiling Sr presiding officer of the City Council has assured the people (and voters) of Dumaguete that the Sanggunian will pass the long-pending anti-noise or the muffler ordinance as amended before the May 9 elections.

Maquiling admitted that the “people of Dumaguete are getting desperate about the failure of our law enforcers to remove noisy motorcycles of the city streets who deliberately zoom around the city at night till dawn, disturbing the peace and quiet as people want to take a good night’s rest.”

In order to assuage the situation Maquiling made a bold promise over DYEM BAI RADIO’s CROSS TALK show that “people may not vote for his ticket on May 9 if this ordinance (as amended) on mufflers and noisy motorcycles is not passed by May 9 election day.”

There is an old law City Ordinance 22 (of 2001) which is not fully enforced by the city authorities and has a very light penalty (see page 9) and Republic Act 8749...



Does the magic and charm of late good friend Dodo Macias, the political legend of the south, still work today with his two sons pitted in the political arena and running for two powerful positions?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating….In short, let’s see after May 9

Mark , a doctor like his late father , did not have much interest in politics until the old man died just after being reelected governor. Now as I told Mark, he acts and speaks more like Dodo than Dodo himself. Erwin is a bit down hearted as he felt “bypassed” so he now runs with Roel’s ticket and eyeing for Congress.

If either Mark or Liland has to win the vice governorship, they must resolve to stop this childish bickerings in the provincial board. Some say that if they only had a more politically mature leaders, no such childish skirmishes would have happened in the board. It should not happen in the next administration regardless of who gains the majority.

Maka-ulaw kaayo. Imagine getting full pay all, but no budget has been effectively enacted for this year 2016! What kind of immature people are in the board and capitol who argue as if they own the capitol. Not a single chair is theirs, as we told DM before. They are all servants in our eyes, never masters as they sometimes think of themselves.



The truth of the matter is that the Philippines —because of present realities ——has no choice but to ratify thru the Supreme Court the constitutionality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement EDCA with the United States even if old wounds still resonate in the historical closure of American bases in the country in the late 90s which was also ratified by the Supreme Court.

The main reason is we have a mutual interest with the United States , for us, to protect our claims, and the U.S. stake as the “policeman of Asia” and in the South China Sea which is claimed controversially by China, known today as the “bully” of the East.

But in all fairness,China as a superpower today has every right to foresee geopolitical dominance in Asia. Which ought to bring our Chinese brothers to a more diplomatic approach for future allies to join her in developing eco-political stability and balance of power in Asia, instead of just bullying her way and suriptitiously occupying equally claimed lands in the Spratleys by Asean neighbors. Truth is China just entered the picture as claimants as against the long-time but poorer claimants including the Philippines.

“As it is, EDCA is not constitutionally infirm. As an executive agreement, it remains consistent with existing laws and treaties that it purports to implement....We hereby dismiss the petition,” the High Court ruled .The Court upheld the constitutionality of EDCA based on Article 18, Section 25 of the Philippine Constitution.


Christ is not
a good-luck charm. He is
a Way of Life!


It’ was nice to spend quality time with family and friends. My coming home vacation was the shortest one I have ever had, there is nothing more ful filling than to spend Christmas Day doing an outreach program to benefit the less fortunate folks in the close neighboring towns of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

The highlight of my visit was to be able to distribute presents such as 500 Jollibee packages containing fried chicken, rice, juice & a surprise toy; 683 pairs of ‘spartan’ brand slippers, more than one thousand five hundred bags of the best quality & most expensive rice, ramen noodles, clothing, chocolates, candies, religious items, etc. The recipients who were a combination of children and adults were all smiles to gladly accept these goodies and seeing their faces light up with pleasure felt so delightfully wonderful as shown on the attached photos....


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The mission of the church

The Church, which is a spiritual community of faithful people, established on earth as a hierarchically ordered society, is directed to the spread of the Kingdom of God , with the aid of the Holy Spirit. The Church has its proper mission in the religious sphere...
God bless your Christmas

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