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  Fencing Candau-ay dumpsite
Government is slowing fencing Candau-ay garbage dumpsite because it is no longer environmentally viable to accept tons of city garbage each day. Dobdob, Valencia is a wise possible option.

Crime surge noted in Dgte

The city police department has reported that at the close of 2013, the crime rate in Dumaguete has soared to 4,748 cases plus around twenty unsolved extrajudicial killings. This figure has surpassed that of the year 2012 without the PNP citing specific
data for the other year.

Observation shows that most perpetrators of the increased crime rate come from other provinces and the barangays are now required to report all their police blotter cases, thus, making the crime figures increase relatively.

In entry of migrants, the construction boom has caused the employment of migrants from other municipalities and even nearby provinces including Dipolog.


The index crimes against persons or property committed last year reached to 2,014 which include murder, physical injury, theft, robbery, homicide, rape, carnapping and cattle rustling.



City mounting garbage

It will not be a surprise if the Dumaguete city’s mounting garbage will reach as high as 30 tons a day! Yet despite the mounting rise of daily garbage collection, the city continues to institute palliative measures short of locating a permanent landfill area which is required by law.

The present Candau-ay garbage dumpsite is no longer environmentally feasible. It is now posing as a big health hazard for city residents .

Or it does not even have to be required, because it is the basic obligation ofservice by the city to have a proper garbage disposal most of all because Dumaguete is one just-awakened sleeping commercial giant.

Not only banks , restaurants and shops are sprouting but people as well are increasing , migration by people from neighboring towns and provinces, by the day. And so are patients at the provincial and private hospitals which are frequently filled to the brim. And so the city must not stop looking for this elusive land fill for garbage.



Not only Congress, but ten more Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOOCs) stole P2.1billion from us taxpayers. By now, with all the money stolen by government from citizens, this corporation owned by taxpayers should have long been bankrupt. We wonder why we still have money.

Just imagine, Congress stealing by the billons for ten years, Customs Bureau, billions in smuggled goods; NFA, billions in smuggled rice ; and now GOCCs, stealing P2.l billion. Stealing because they used the money of taxpayers to “reward themselves” with fat allowances which were illegal and unauthorized, as found out by our Commission on Audit.

The GOCCs who stole money in the form of fat allowances from taxpayers are:

- Philhealth P1.6Billion; DBP P216; Central Visayas Water district P186M; PCSO, P54M; EcoZones P48M; Home Dev. Mutual Fund P37M; Butuan Water District P28M; Development Academy of the Philippines P28M; PNOC P14M; Mactan Airport P14M. This only covers 2003 to 2006 allowances. This could double up to 2013!

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