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  MTRCB board inspects theaters; cut lewd, violent films on fastcrafts.
MTRCB board guesting at DYEM Star Energy FM. LR: Cheche Conrado, Mario Hernando, Jackie Aquino, Joey Romero and Station Manager Ely Dejaresco.

COA disallows gov's P143M mobilization

The Comnmission on Audit has disallowed some P143 million in mobilization funds approved by the provincial government for 11 contractors who are now working on the P960-million rehabilitation of Typhoon Sendong-wrecked areas in Negros Oriental.

State auditors this week served the “Notice of Disallowance” to the Governor, Provincial Accountant, and the members of the Bids and Awards Committee for what the COA described as “ the improper utilization of the P143 million to pay for the mobilization activities of eleven contractors for the various anti-disaster and rehabilitation projects in flood-prone areas of Negros Oriental.”

However, Capitol officials are ready to defend and justify the expenditures, which were taken from the P480,775,000,00 initial release of the Department of Budget and Management that was later withdrawn by the agency’s central office over an alleged lapse in administrative procedure.

Based on the Special Allotment Release Order dated June 5, 2012, the province was to receive a total of P961 million chargeable against the Calamity Fund of the National Government to cover the repair, rehabilitation, restoration, improvement and construction of various infrastructure projects damaged by Sendong in 9 cities and municipalities and the deepening, dredging and rechanneling of six major rivers of the province.

But on June 29, 2012, the DBM, after releasing P480 million representing 50% of the allotment, suddenly ordered the complete withdrawal of the amount and instructed the province to immediately return the amount to the national treasury.

The Governor proceeded on July 31, 2012 to award all the projects to the winning bidders, but maintains that these are not acts of defiance but merely to bring home the point that since the amount (P480 million) was already deposited under the name of the province, the administration has the responsibility to implement the projects as originally approved. He assured the public that the remaining amount of P337 million is intact.



The essence of FREE WILL

WITH ALL due respect to the concerned members of the clergy in the Catholic Church, many people strongly feel that the usage of the pulpit for the voting or the non-voting of a certain candidate, simply because he or she has expressed her own stand on a certain issue, particularly the RH bill, in the exercise of their small representation as compared to the large body of the laity, is in their opinion, somehow, out of bounds.

In the spirit of fairness and fair play and in the similar vein of expressing one’s free choice, some people believe that the pulpit may be the right place to express the stand on a certain issue, but to focus on the people’s voting or non-voting of a specific personality, people believe, is out of place and is now superceding the people’s equal right to FREE choice.

For those listening to the speaker in the pulpit are also composed of pros and cons; therefore, the audience expects the speaker to present both sides and let the people decide in the spirit of free choice.

We also draw our inspiration about this stand from a respected leader, not only of the clergy, but also a leader of political minds of the State, in the person of the Rev. Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ, both a church and a state lawyer, and acknowledged dean of the Ateneo Law School.

Bernas said that those constitutionally objectionable provisions of the RH bill have already been removed. Bernas wrote further, saying that he is “disturbed by those preachers who use their opposition to the law as a way of defeating electoral candidates who favor the RH law. These tactics, Bernas said, drives Catholics away from the Church, or at least from Sunday masses, where many preachers subject their audience to prolonged attacks on the RH Law and to threats of damnation against those who favor the law.” That’s Fr. Bernas talking. Bernas continues: “Those responsible for government are, in fact, required to interpret the common good for their country, not only according to the guidelines of the majority (of Catholics), but also according to the effective good of all members of the community, including the minority.” Those are Fr. Bernas’ words. (PDI January 14, 2013.)



The ever-elusive provincial budget of P1.4Billion for 2013 is finally passed , at least theoretically. For those who knew about the inside negotiations, we say, it was a master stroke that made this year’s annual appropriations act a balanced budget indeed!

We credit the brilliant and experienced minds who worked behind the scenes, shuttling from one camp to the other, just to get the budget passed by our sometimes generally naïve provincial board. But for those who know budgeting and good governance, we say the erstwhile highly politicized budget has now become a balanced budget.

First, the controversial P10M intelligence funds of Mr. Guv was realigned to the women’s gender advancement fund, which means that even the guv can use that money for his job orders. Only make it more for women---and the guv would like that. He need not worry that his P8M JO fund was lost.

The guv can still use his P42Million peace and order fund for his intelligence bonanza. He can buy firearms, he can buy armored tanks, he can use it to spy on enemies of the state, he can train more tanods and policemen, he lost nothing actually. If he knows how to play poker, he can swing it.

But at what price for the guv? Good governance demands that this time, whatever the guv will use for “intelligence” is now subject to audit because technically, the item for intelligence funds is now absorbed in the peace and order budget. That’s what he attempted to do in the budget planning summit at Bethel, didn’t he?


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