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  COMELEC, ARMY, PNP JOIN HANDS - WATCHLIST PROVINCE. Briefing security agenda with election stakeholders are LR: LTC Roderick T. Garcia, commander of the 79th IB, Comelec provincial head Atty Eddie Aba, Negros Regional Dir. PCSUPT Conrado CAPA, Acting Regional Director of PRO18, and PSSUPT Harris Reyes Fama, OIC, of Negros Oreintal police.  
  JANUARY 24, 2016 EDITION  

      Election security agenda mulled    

The combined forces of the Army, Police and Comelec have raised concerns about people’s security in this coming elections with special emphasis on Negros Oriental as among the 16 provinces on the “watchlist.”
Although newly installed provincial police director PS/Supt Harris Fema said, the term “hotspot” is no longer used, nonetheless, being in the “watchlist” bears similar gravity of concern.

The main agenda for concerned security is the high risk of possible explosion of violence in specific areas where there is an extreme rivalry among local candidates.

It is usually the local conflicts (not the national issues) that trigger hinterland violence because of lack of enough accurate information by the people on the issues at hand.


Another risk of possible conflicts is the matter of check points. Enforcers are instructed to be extremely cautious in requesting for “peeping flashlights” and enforce only the plain-view doctrine...



A LOT OF people lost their high regard and esteem on the supposedly intelli gent asso-ciate Justice Antonio Carpio for issuing three intriguing statements which could provoke war and anger China instead of promote peace, in the delicate quest for regional stability in the South and West China seas.

The three statements are: 1 that the Philippines will have a “fighting chance” to defend our territory against China now that the SC has affirmed the legality of EDCA; 2 tha1t the EDCA has cemented a “credible defense” between PH and the U.S. and 3. the EDCA “will deter China from attacking the Philippines. Right? Wrong.

Suppose China will finance a Filipino leftleaning presidential candidate in 2022, buy out all the massa voters to become president and there goes your EDCA which the new president will abolish, after all it is just an execurive order.

Do you think China will not prove Carpio wrong? Of course!—in due time! Any normal human being who is provoked and branded plus hurled these statements in public will be provoked and will react either violently or, covertly and one day it will hit the Philippines flat footed. And do you think America will help us if their interests are also at stake?—of course not! We will be fed to the dogs again. As if Carpio is so naïve and does not know that.



There is something funny if not fishy in the government’s rules on check points during the election season.

The purpose of checkpoints is not “papogi” like some PNP officials who just pose at checkpoints for the press. But the purpose is to enforce the ban on firearms being brought out of the homes of civilians and even law enforcers without special permits from the Comelec.

If guns are banned it must be strictly enforced, Otherwise as the saying goes, “only the outlaws will have guns” during the election period.

The insistence of human rights commission people on the prohibition of opening of dash boards and tool boxes at the checkpoints is somewhat self-defeating. The scrupulous only insist on the plain view doctrine and simple asking. So who would be brave enough to say he’s got a gun kept inside his vehicle?


Before you fight
men, consult God’s
wisdom first.


It’ was nice to spend quality time with family and friends. My coming home vacation was the shortest one I have ever had, there is nothing more ful filling than to spend Christmas Day doing an outreach program to benefit the less fortunate folks in the close neighboring towns of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

The highlight of my visit was to be able to distribute presents such as 500 Jollibee packages containing fried chicken, rice, juice & a surprise toy; 683 pairs of ‘spartan’ brand slippers, more than one thousand five hundred bags of the best quality & most expensive rice, ramen noodles, clothing, chocolates, candies, religious items, etc. The recipients who were a combination of children and adults were all smiles to gladly accept these goodies and seeing their faces light up with pleasure felt so delightfully wonderful as shown on the attached photos....


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The mission of the church

The Church, which is a spiritual community of faithful people, established on earth as a hierarchically ordered society, is directed to the spread of the Kingdom of God , with the aid of the Holy Spirit. The Church has its proper mission in the religious sphere...
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