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  PCSO DONATES P15.87-M TO BILIRAN HOSPITAL. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has intensified its assistance to Super Typhoon Yolanda affected areas and survivors with a donation to the Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH) in Eastern Visayas. PCSO General Manager Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II (left) turned over last Monday the check worth P15,870,000 to Biliran Gov. Gerardo Espina, Jr. (center) for the purchase of various medical equipment for the BPH in simple ceremonies held at the main office of the charity agency in Pasay City. Espina said they really need the pieces of equipment since typhoon survivors in Tacloban City and other areas are seeking medical treatment in Biliran. At left is Dr. Larry Cedro, assistant general manager for PCSO's Charity Sector. (JOSEPH MUEGO)  

8 Traders control P6B rice industry

Do you know that the rice industry consumption of 1.3millon Oriental Negrenses reaches P6.2- billion every year? And do you know that only eight big local traders control the distribution of commercial rice supply here?

Moreover, the National Food Authority (NFA) supplies only five percent of the total demand for rice in Negros Oriental.

Do you also know that for every four cups of rice, there is one cup that is wasted? Moreover, restaurants offering “unlimited rice” in their meals are advised to cut down the servings to one half cup at a time, because most of the time, those “unlimited rice” are just wasted and cannot be totally consumed by the customer.

Government information sources said that the following are the big eight commercial rice suppliers in Negros Oriental, all controlled by Filipino-Chinese businessmen. They are:

New BianYek Commercial (DanfordSy manager) ; Joe Bon Marketing (Paya Eddie Uy manager); Merry Mart (Ely Tan or Nick Lim managers); OHL Marketing (Mario OngHokLian manager); DIMC Marketing (managed by Mark AngGobonseng); Victoria Commercial (managed by Victoria AngGobonseng); Acme Traders (managed by Boy Lee); and BM Cereals (managed by Marciano & Baby Kho)

There are so many middle men who buy direct from the farmers and sell these to the big traders who distribute the rice supply to the market consumers.



“Honor thy Father”: a Divine command

We never realized how big is the grains industry in Negros Oriental (at P6.2-billiion) until we were able to gather figures that each person consumes an average of 114 kilos of rice a year and if he takes commercial rice,he spends P4,700 annually just for rice alone. Multiply that by 1.3 million NegOr population you get around P6.2-billion. The poorer ones would of course consume less.

City vice mayor Woody Maquiling welcomes three possible opponents for the mayorship namely Dr Henry Sojor, former NORSU president; ex-city mayor Felipe IpeRemollo and city administrator William Ablong. Well, 2016 is still too far, let's just wait and see.

Senators Enrile, and his disciple Gringo Honasan, are typical wise people they did not reply on their very obvious Napoles scheme on the pork barrel scam. But Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla could not help it. They took to the senate floor to deny their involvement, and that their signatures were forged. It's true, technicaly as we said, they were not involved because of the “forgeries.” Question: so who caused and gave clearance to those forgeries? Second, did you and the people believe them? You can easily answer that.

“HONOR THY FATHER.” A true Christian and real son or daughter will never dishonor their father, no matter how dishonorable such father may be, even if he steals billions from taxpayers. It is because such is a Divine command and has no pre conditions. Desecrating it has consequences from the Divine sooner or later. Absalom's story in the Bible is a classic example. And who was his father?



The human vultures who dissipated public funds or peoples money are now fighting each other.

If someone is orchestrating this intramurals among corrupt men and women, he must be enjoying the show, just like many nitizens or stakeholders who are affected.

Just one day after senator Bong Revilla blasted his way denying his involvement in the pork barrel scam, in less than 24 hours, the justice department announced that the DOJ is likely to file malversation charges against Revilla's father ex senRamon .Revilla aka NardongPutik in the movies.

The DOJ reports that the older Revilla was the one who first transacted with plunder suspect mastermind Janet Napoles and later his son Bong Revilla, a potential vice presidential timber for 2016 followed. What an unlucky afternoon for superstars.

Revilla on the other hand said he will pursue the bribery case against PNOy in giving his GAP pork barrel by the millions to the senators to ensure Chief Justice Corona's conviction (not impeachment oy) the senate hearing, certain rice cooperatives are being used as dummies by Mr/D.T.. known as David Tan who uses Bangayan as his family name. Yet the coops when shown pictures say that David Bangayan and David Tan are one and the same person.

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"Drought & dryness
lead the roots of faith deeper into the Holy ground for nourishment."


I am one of the regulators at the Perdices Coliseum-my fellow joggers and I also use the swimming pool at a regular basis being health enthusiasts.

Late last year, people, mostly users of the oval have aired out their complaints via Facebook's Hulagway ug Kasikas sa Dumaguete. Allow me to share it with you so that our Provincial Government could also act on these.


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