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  LANGUB FESTIVAL was marked in Mabinay over the weekend with an outpouring of visitors. Mayor Django Uy of Mabinay welcomed hundreds of visitors while top invited guest was Mrs Cynthia Villar. Rep Geore Arnaiz led other mayors among wellwishers.  

Peace body defends gov's P10M-intel funds

Members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council are standing by their decision to grant the P 10 million appropriations for the Governor’s confidential intelligence funds as duly approved by the body during tions or must not exceed 30% of the total annual amount allocated for the peace and order efforts, whichever is lower.

The peace and order council is composed of the DSWD, the NBI, the PNP, Dep Ed, DILG who heads the secretariat.

Based on the computations: 3% of P 1.4 billion of the 2013 appropriations equals to P 42 million while 30% of the P52 million total budget for peace and order undertakings would amount to P 15.6 million.

However, the Governor opted to appropriate only P 10 million for intelligence fund. It was unanimously approved by the PPOC as proposed by former Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Edward Carranza.

But his critics say, the governor increased his peace and order budget from P22M to P52M so that his intelligence fund will also increase.

Under the law, intelligence funds use is limited. It will only be used for the purchase of information, payment of rewards, rental and other incidental expenses relative to the maintenance of safe houses, purchase of supplies for ammunitions, provision of medical and food aid, as well as payment of incentives, travelling expenses to the conduct of intelligence and confidential operations.



PCSO visits Dumaguete; wants more lotto outlets

Philippine Chairty Sweesptakes office chairman Margarita Margie Juico last Saturday reacted to the anti lotto stand of the city government during a press conference at Foundation University. She revealed that the DOJ was about to file quo warrant proceedings against LGUs possibly including Dumaguete for making a no-no stand on legalized lotto which is covered by a special law. If sustained by the lower courts, and appealed and sustained by the Supreme Court , the high tribunal could render or apply upon the executive officer of the LGU concerned, the penal clause of perpetual disqualification from holding public office for defying a special law.

We could not exactly fathom the implication of this: does it mean that LGUs no longer have a free choice, whether or not to favor or stand against legalized lotto? Or being a special law, is it mandatory that the law now erases the freedom of choice of LGUs? What if this will be put to a test in court? Can our city withstand the test?

Remember it is election time, and this might not be covered by the election ban. Our city legal office better check this out if it does not want to be caught flat footed this election season. We believe the first visit of the PCSO chairman and meeting formally with the mayors including Dumaguete’s mayor, was not a coincidence with the city’s stand against all forms of gambling including PCSO’s lotto.



In just two short months, , President Benigno Aquino III has enacted into law the “Kasambahay Bill” setting a fixed monthly pay between P1,500 to P2,500 and more social benefits for close to two million domestic workers.In chartered cities like Dumatguete, the minimum wage for domestic helpers is P2000 according to the new Kasambahay law.

We laud our legislators in passing the law. It’s about time. The most relevant comment is that both the rights of the domestic helper and their employers must be mutually respected. And both sectors must be educated with those rights otherwise, there will be mis-understanding.

As a foot note, Pres Aquino was quick to pass into law matters that do not affect their vested interests as government leaders including if not especially Malacañang.

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