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  POLICE sports new image. BISITA ESKWELA is a double-edge sword by founder PD PS/Supt Harris Fama, (left) who with PPSupt Jovey Atanacio, COP of city and other officers are immersing themselves in a surprise visit with school children and their teachers, during this flag raising, singing and dancing at the Junob Elementary school. It also serves as an anti drug presence, and anti-insurgency fellowship with the law enforcers. (Photo by Tess Vincoy)  
  JANUARY 31, 2016 EDITION  

      Simul drug raids net P.5M; 1 killed    

The Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NORPPO) has reported that it has confiscated a total of 52.04 grams of shabu with a dangerous drugs board (DDB) value of P586,796 with 200 grams of marijuana worth 1,100, during the synchronized anti-drug operations conducted all over the province on Monday.

Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (PAIDSOTG) provincial team leader PSIns Ryan Jay Orapa disclosed the conduct of the synchronized anti-drugs operation was upon the orders of newly assumed Negros Island Region 18 commander PCSupt Conrado Capa.

In the course of the drug week simultaneous raid one person was shot dead along San Jose Extension, by a lone gunman killing one and wounding his companion. The drug-angle is still being ascertained.

It was made clear by PCSupt Capa that his priority would be to run after illegal drugs in the entire Negros Island Region, according to the PAIDSOTG team leader.

Out of 25 police stations all over the province, 23 have submitted reports of accomplishments during the one day synchronize anti-drugs operations from Canlaon City in the north down to Basay in the south. The remaining two, Jimalalud police station and Bindoy are...



The Japanese government cannot apologize for what happened decades ago about comfort women. As if the Philippines does not know the collaterals of war. Those acts were not government-sanctioned, but a necessary evil that goes with a world war. It happens everywhere. Why does the Filipino want to be paid for every little thing? Are we that desperately and embarrassingly poor? Makaulaw lagi.

So we will also ask the Americans to pay for our comfort women in Subic or clark?— even if it happened years back. Is this the pinoy’s logic? Or are some wise cracks again out to make money out of these old women to whom we have our full sympathy and anger against their molesters. Gipanapi-an na sab ni!

PNOY did not even apologize to the Chinese much more the Hongkong government for the killing of l5 Chinese hostages at the Luneta. That was most embarrassing and a stupid act of government policemen. The Hongkong government did not even ask us to pay blood money for the blood shed by well meaning tourists who were killed by our tactless policemen. And we can afford to ask Japan to pay us for the collaterals of war? Kabaga baya’g nawong uy!

And yet the government paid P143Million to the families of the Mamasapano SAF44 for all kinds of demands and benefits. OK lang.



It is often admitted by present and future city officials of Dumaguete, and we agree, that a growing city like ours cannot continue the status quo but must endeavor to change major policies for the better and to address the momentum of growth.

Dumaguete observably, is lagging behind in progressive strides in many aspects compared to our neighbors. It is time that the city officials we elect on May 9 2016, will catch up as effectively as possible.

They must address the following priorities:

The illegal drugs trade which has caused the second problem which is: the unsolved extrajudicial killings in the city; the chaotic traffic downtown; the poor garbage collection and disposal system; politics in policymaking both in the city council and executive departments.


Consequence of man’s mission lasts forever,
unlike his earthly job.


It’ was nice to spend quality time with family and friends. My coming home vacation was the shortest one I have ever had, there is nothing more ful filling than to spend Christmas Day doing an outreach program to benefit the less fortunate folks in the close neighboring towns of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

The highlight of my visit was to be able to distribute presents such as 500 Jollibee packages containing fried chicken, rice, juice & a surprise toy; 683 pairs of ‘spartan’ brand slippers, more than one thousand five hundred bags of the best quality & most expensive rice, ramen noodles, clothing, chocolates, candies, religious items, etc. The recipients who were a combination of children and adults were all smiles to gladly accept these goodies and seeing their faces light up with pleasure felt so delightfully wonderful as shown on the attached photos....


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The mission of the church

The Church, which is a spiritual community of faithful people, established on earth as a hierarchically ordered society, is directed to the spread of the Kingdom of God , with the aid of the Holy Spirit. The Church has its proper mission in the religious sphere...
God bless your Christmas

Joyous Greetings of Christmas Love! In this column I am sharing two short poems that I love that remind us of what is important this Christmas. The first one is titled “Gifts For Christmas” by V.G. Burns...

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