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   JULY 01, 2012 EDITION

With her charm, which had fascinated PINOY when he came over to Bais city, this young mayor has a future if she just toes the line and refuses to be pressured and lured by dirty politics. She can be a reformer. Her doom or gloom will entirely depend on her - that's Karen Villanueva of Bais City.



Demoralization hit several police stations over the unceremonious relief of four Chiefs-of-Police for their alleged failure to stamp out the illegal gambling in their respective areas of responsibilities under the one-strike policy of the Philippine National Police.

Sympathetic police officials also branded the Chiefs-of-police and the others who are facing possible ouster from their positions as mere "sacrificial lambs just so that the higher ranking officials can gain good points before the Department of Interior and Local Government." They also deplored the news that the one-strike policy is only being implemented in the province of Negros Oriental, but not in the provinces of Cebu, Bohol or Siquijor.




A wise politician would not rush for a position which can wait as time goes by. One who cannot wait for his time surely might not get it in the end. Unnecessary hurry could mean unfortunate delays. So take time, as in Ecclesiastes, the author, King Solomon, says: Everything has its own time, so take time.

In politics, the next in line after George in the second district congressional race can likely be Tata Villanueva. If he runs now against George, he might not make it. But if he asks daughter Bais Mayor Karen to run in the 2ndDistrict, it could be worth the experience, while Tata goes back to city hall in his only city. When George’s term expires, then Tata can take the second District and Karen goes back to city hall. Simple.



Is it true that a public official ordered the shooting of a parking attendant, hitting him with 4 bullets from the .45 caliber of his bodyguard, Monday noon, in the parking ot near the Silliman Medical Center?

The police still don’t know until now. They are still searching for evidence, kono.

Well, the fact is that the public official, who usually attends the 7:30pm mass at the Cathedral, figured in an argument with a park attendant as to why motorcycles are parked in places which are assigned for cars.

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"God has given His son to us. Jesus gave His life for us. What are we giving in response to such incredible generosity?"


In response to the MEMO of PENRO Inting, dated June 27, 2012 on the above subject, I would like to clarify the statement made during the environmental forum on June 14, 2012 organized by Greenwatch Philippines.

After the impeachment of CJ Corona, some of our religious leaders called on us to unite, but they didn’t say on what or with whom to unite. It’s like our laws, full of holes, that we have to find the truth in between written lines, with only our conscience and our common sense as barometer.


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