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NEW CITY COUNCIL. CITY COUNCIL SWORN IN by City Mayor IPE Remollo from left right: Councilors Chaco Sagarbarria, Manuel Arbon, Islao Alviola, Karissa Tolentino, Vice Mayor JJ Esmena, Tencho Perdices, JV Imbo,Lani Ramon, Michael Bandal, Joe Keneth Arbas, and Alan Cordova.
  JULY 03, 2016 EDITION  

      275 new officials swear to serve    

Some 275 newly elected local government officials from the three congressmen, 5 city mayors, 20 municipal mayors and their respective councilors formally assumed office after taking their oaths separately after noontime of Friday June 30. Some took their oaths earlier.

The new city government led by balik-Mayor Antonio Felipe IPE Remollo after taking their oaths noontime of Friday, immediately went to work and met with PNP city chief of police Col Jovey Atanacio and staff.


Mayor Remollo relayed to him and his command the marching orders of President Duterte to prioritize the stoppage of the drug menace, pinpoint its drug sources, and gave an update on suspects on many unsovled city street killings.




The pooled editorial outlines the media industry’s understanding of the presidency as “the most important pivot of news and policy in the land” and defines the news media’s role as “custodian and gatekeeper” of some of the citizenry’s most fundamental rights.

It notes “at least two disturbing ‘messages’” from President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, but ends with both well-wishes for the success of the new administration and with a commitment to “do journalism right and better.”

REGRETTABLY, the conversation between President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and the news media has turned sharp and shrill. All but lost in the noise is the two parties’ common duty in law and tradition to serve and to inform the Filipino people on issues, events and policies that affect their interest and welfare.

A president—all at once the chief executive, fount of foreign policy, manager of the national household, guardian of peace and order, commander of the uniformed services, and arbiter of policy conflicts—is the most important pivot of news and policy in the land. The President is mandated by law to lead the nation and to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance.




It is time to stop talking and WALK THE TALK among all elected officials who formally assumed office last Friday, July 1, after the terms of the previous administration ended on June 30.

Despite the many unfinished businesses from lack of budget to pending political, administrative and criminal election cases, it is time to focus on the job ahead of every elected official and let all pending cases take its course in accordance with law and due process. Nothing can run faster now.

The incoming Duterte administration is a new experience in our democracy, short of Martial rule. Perhaps this is now what the Filipinos are waiting for : a benevolent dictator. Benevolent in the sense that President Duterte has been discovered to be a compassionate man for the masses, but is super (sobra) strict and firm against the corrupt, and the criminals whom Duterte has given enforcers “shoot to kill” orders if they resist arrest and defy the law. He dares to cut edges with human rights advocates which make the whole enterprise exciting.



Without Faith, God’s discipline disables us and makes us bitter.


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