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  BLESSING AND INAUGURATION of the first floating marine sanctuary off the Bantayan waters was launched last Thursday July 2 by Founation University. It was attended by Bantay Dagat ( Sealife Guardians) elements and stakeholders including community leaders. (Photo by Tess Vincoy).  
  JULY 05, 2015 EDITION  

      Partido Negrense: free, independent    


A new political party or aggrupation is going to be launched in August. It will be a local political group formed by independent political personalities which is open to all viable candidates seeking mutual political support in the 2016 elections.

The group will be called “ PARTIDO NEGRENSE.” It is not exclusive, it is free and independent.

This new trend in politics transcends the traditional political gatherings of supporters with the same political affiliation. The group reportedly would welcome any candidate, local or national that might need mutual support.

In this manner, the political maneuverings will not be limited to one party but to all possible political groups.

This will also minimize too much polarization even if those in the line up are not qualified.

In the old tradition, some supporters are forced to support people whom they do not like , just because they belong to the same party. Not under Partido Negrense...



With elections coming next year, we see and hear political alignments and realignments and see how the early bird gets the worm. There seems to be a new trend in Negros politics and that is being free and independent from political party control.

The last elections saw a lot of traditional politicians fail and fall because they clung to the old formula of political protocol, relying on leaders who did not deliver their money to the voters.

Not anymore. The name of the game is free and independent. Let the weak gravitate towards the strong. And let the strong man win, regardless of party affiliation. Let the strong reach out to most people.

Good candidates failed in the past because they did not know how to manage their money. Their “trusted” ones failed to deliver. And the “weak but wise” ones knew just where to strike and win.

Others had the money but got stucked somewhere and didn’t reach the electorates except to their leaders. Well not anymore. The 2016 local elections will bear it all. Watch it.


Negros political kingpin is about to tell all, from the horse’s mouth on how everything started as politics in Negros Oriental.



The open and violent defiance of the Binays and their supporters of the Ombudsman’s lawful suspension order on JunJun Binay, is now moot after the mayor voluntarily stepped down in the spirit of statesmanship.

But before that, the violence and throwing of chairs was a futuristic display of how they will behave if they are elected into a higher position in government. The legality or illegality of the order is supposed to be contested in court and not in the streets.

Many are of the opinon that if the law is not in their favor, they will defy such laws, which is a very bad sign of good and responsible governance. The Binays who are billionaires in their own right perhaps, are educated enough to know that this is how due process operates and there are many avenues of recourse on how to handle it with utmost. We are glad they realized that in 24 hours.

We cannot imagine how they can allow their supporters to throw chairs and attack policemen who are trying to implement a lawful order. Even the most expensive lawyer will know that violence is not the answer to a lawful order, but the exhaustion of administrative remedies the peaceful way.

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