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   JULY 06, 2014 EDITION
  Remollo admitted that Degamo is a fast learner even in his neophyte year as governor, he knows the kind of politics that Negrenses succumb to.  

LP persistent in wooing guv

The administration‘s Liberal Party being bent on raking poll victories in Negros Oriental in the 2016 presidential and local elections, is not closing the door on the governor hoping he will be convinced to join the Liberal party for the 2016 elections.

This was the LPs’ latest move when top LP honcho Manila-based ex Dumaguete city mayor Felipe Remollo, made a surprise visit on “Gov Roel Degamo at the capitol, who ran and won by landslide in 2010 without an official political party on his name tag.

Remollo who succumbed to the late City Mayor Tuting Perdices in 2007 city elections is now a consultant on the powerful Senate Blue Ribbon Committee under Sen TG Guingona , his classmate in law school at the Ateneo years back. Remollo is also law school mate of DBM Sec. Butch Abad.




The Supreme Court said that the only way President Aquino and Budget Secretary Butch Abad and company can avoid full liability of P149-billion in Disbursement Accelerated Program funds spent in over 300 projects is to prove : good faith and the doctrine of Operative Fact. In COA parlance, it is called “Quantum Meruit.”

This means that if and when the Ombudsman finds probable cause and files it with the Sandiganbayan the illegality and unconstitutionality of the DAP can only be assuage by these two principles. Meaning: that indeed the DAP helped the economy and that money was not squandered and that every centavo is accounted for, including the “traditional” SOPs.

Short of that, it could escalate into an impeachable offense. But because of the billions released to legislators from the DAP, it could hardly muster enough votes in the lower House to impeach the President.


Moreover, there is now that stigma of convening an impeachment court in the Senate whose 3 senate-judges in the Corona impeachment trial including the presiding impeachment judge/senator, are themselves, now charged with multi billion peso plunder cases. Nobody seems too eager now to become an impeachment judge possibly for fear of the “karma stigma.”

How much more in the Senate where a lot of senators have been receiving over P1-billion from the DAP funds! They will never betray the one who laid the golden egg for them. How can COA also betray her president! At the very least, by the principle of Quantum Meruit, only the disallowed portion after audit will be ordered returned. By then these could be reduced into insignificant figures considering how expert are our Filipino bookkeepers and accountants.



Our government must be shrunk into its minimum because the bureaucracy has become so big, and so corrupt! We cannot continue to be like this. Somehow, someday, something has to give way. And before it happens, we the sovereign people must now shrink this government to its minimum.

The supreme court has just declared another much bigger scam, bigger than PDAF, when it declared the President’s Disbursement Acceleration Program or the DAP as illegal and unconstitutional.

This means that this much bigger animal, the P149-billion anomaly called DAP in Malacanang , is more much more than the P10-billion PDAF scam of legislators, now pending in the graft court. Why is DAP bigger than PDAF? It is because the DAP has raked in its favor P149-billion in just three years, as compared to the PDAF of just P10-billion in ten years.

WHAT IS DAP? Dap is a concoction of the Dept of Budget and Management DBM starting 2011, which gathered in the middle of the year, all unspent money from different selected departments, and dumped it into the budget of the President, who like super santa claus, and without Congressional appropriation, has released billions of pesos for project at the whims of Malacnang, without certification from the national treasurer, and that money that went to erstwhile “legal, noble and worthy projects.”—on paper.

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