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   JULY 07, 2013 EDITION
  Gov. Roel Degamo leads local officials in taking their oaths last June 30 , to his left are BMs Edmund Dy and Liland Estacion. Others have already taken their oaths earlier.  

City angry at kid's murder

P50,000 bounty offered

The city government is offering P50,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of the much-abhorred killing and rape of a grade 3 pupil in Babajuba district this city. This was announced yesterday by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria.

This developed as the entire Dumaguete community of 18,000 famlies and households are in fighting rage over the killer and rapist of an innocent 8-yr old grade 3 honor pupil of the Babajuba public elementary school last Tuesday night whose bloody body was found early on Wednesday in a sugar cane field a few meters away from the lowly nipa hut of her parents.



One more clinical look at
scoops & exclusives

What is a scoop? In journalism school a scoop means a news item being aired or written for the first time. How do you know that your news is a scoop when you don’t even know that someone else already wrote or aired it before? You cannot be sure. No one has the monopoly of knowledge. So be humble, minimize claiming scoops and exclusives for all you know, you are already the last to know.

There is a tendency to hoodwink the public when one claims she or he got this news first as a scoop or exclusive because for all you know, this same item has already been tackled long ago by another of one’s friendly competitor.

Just like sub-judice. Only the judge can prove that one has violated the sub-judice rule. And no judge will sit on the witness stand to testify against another court official. If so, that’s when I call it a scoop! Or a booner? Ask Dr. Cecile Genove, dean of the Silliman College of Mass Communications or Dr. Joy Perez, now dean of the NORSU Mass Com College, they used to be my top students at the Silliman School of Journalism way back when. Or Johnny Pia, who gave me a flat “A” in their class. Sorry.



The nice thing about Dumagueteños is that they are so gentle, they do not show their anger until such time when the pain is no longer tolerable. And when it becomes intolerable, that’s when Dumaguete explodes.

The series of violent extrajudicial killings, the robberies in broad daylight, the carnapping of precious motorcycles of poor people, and those reckless disregard of decency and decorum among arrogant corrupt public officials, —all these are being suffered in silence by these gentle people of Dumaguete.

But deep inside, many Dumagueteños have no longer gentleness in their hearts and minds. It was rage enough for the people that those series of extra judicial killings starting from the lady city treasurer, the robbery killing an innocent coed at a premier university inside her apartment just because of a stolen laptop, the unsolved murder of the vice president of the Integrated Bar, the robbery of an expat couple who precisely live here because of the rustic ambience of the place, and the string of violence that befell even the poor and lowly, —all these have already set the fire burning inside the hearts and minds of many Dumagueteños. Anytime it can explode.

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