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   JULY 08, 2012 EDITION
  Happy faces of non-smoker mayors, l6 of them with 2 exceptons, discuss the advantages for a smoke free society before advocates in a Bangkok conference ending yesterday. In the photo (click to view the entire image): Mayor Bentham Dela Cruz of Amlan, Dr. Felix Sy of NOPH, Mayor Manuel Sagabarria of Dumaguete, Mayor Marcela Bartoces of Sibulan, Mayor Ernesto Reyes of Guihulngan, Mayor Lawrence Limkaichong of La libertad, Mayor Edcel Enardicido of Ayungog, Mayor Enrique Gonzales of Valencia, Mayor Rene Gaudiel of Bayawan.  


Majority of the Dumaguete City Councilors led by the Vice-Mayor are expected to vote on Wednesday, denying all the twelve applications for local lotto franchises, thereby forcing the existing outlets to close shop before the month ends.

Mayor Chiquiting Sagarbarria is expected to carry out the will of the City Council by serving the long overdue closure orders or he may choose to defy the Council’s sense and make his own stand on gambling by approving the lotto applications with or without the Council’s imprimatur. The councilors will base their decisions on three major factors: legal, moral and political ramifications of their votes.

Impartial observers say however, that the more legal lotto outlets are opened, the lesser the illegal suertres will expand. But if legitimate lotto outlets of the PCSO are not given permits, then the illegal suertres will proliferate some more, and with prejudice to the moralists, religious, and law abiding sectors.




BANGKOK, THAILAND — Eighty percent of Negros Oriental towns through their mayors have informed that they have stopped planting tobacco, firstly in order to promote a tobacco and smoke-free society and second, because the production cost has gone sky high.

Six more towns from the north and south of NegOr are among the late advocates of a smoke-free society namely San Jose, Vallehermoso, Dauin, Siaton, Basay and Sta Catalina. Their LGUs and civil society have bonded together to fight the malady of cigarette smoking which are getting a toll like 12,000 deaths annually in this country.



The reason why the Commission on Audit disapproved the P300,000 city’- proposal to help fund the hunt for the killer/s of Atty Archer Martinez, IBP vice president, is that the project, kono, intends to help a private (and dead) person and therefore not for a public purpose.

We beg to disagree with the COA. The trouble with our city officials is that they do not want to exert a valid argument with COA for fear of not passing audit on other city projects. We believe this is a whimsical product of the imagination of an apparent mis-informed COA mind.

The fund for Oplan Archer is or a public purpose: to help finance the search for his killer who is still out there lurking in the neighborhood, threatening the safety of the entire community as long as the killer is scot free. Is this not a public purpose? More so with the mastermind who is just smiling at them.

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