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  Council to ratify mayor’s P400K-US trip. City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria thanked the City Council for assuring that the Alameda U.S.A. memo of understanding will be ratified by the legislative body as soon as possible.. Guesting at CROSS TALK on Friday were Mayor Sagarbarria , and VM Maquiling , City Legal officer Bimbo Lahgahit and Councilors Tony “Rems” Remollo, and Lani Ramon.  
  JULY 12, 2015 EDITION  

      Ethanol distillery to check ‘fish kill’    

Environmentalists, concerned citizens and the management of the URC (Ethanol) Distillery in Tamisu, Bais City are joining hands with government in investigating the reported fish kill in the shorelines of Manjuyod and Bais city.

The URC Distillery is owned by Universal Robina Corp. and managed by Lani Cerbo, operations manager and Mario Palma.

This was the offshoot of a report by hundreds of fisherfolks in those coastal barangays that several fishes have suspectedly died of toxic chemicals which might have possibly been emitted from the nearby ethanol or sugar central of Universal Robina Corporation which is the URSUMCO.

Save for the new ethanol distillery, the sugar central has been there for decades and no such complaints of fish kills were observed. Why there is now such a report is subject of verification and investigation.

The LGU local government units of Bais city and Manjuyod are expected to join hands in investigating the report, if any, and to what extent, in order to protect the catch of their common fisherfolks...



The race to Malacañang informally starts as soon as President Aquino shall have delivered his state-of-the-nation address this July, and then to follow will be his announcement of his successor apparent, who will be pitted with other presidential aspirants on May 14 elections next year.

It becomes clear as in, that Pres PNoy will announce DILG Sec. Mar Roxas as his presidential bet for the Liberal party. Roxas will be pitted against Vice Pres Jejomar Binay who believes that his presumed innocence in the multibillion project scams in Makati city will even catapult him to the presidency if it cannot be proven the he plundered millions in kickbacks out of the Makati projects including its new city hall parking building, among others.

The problem is in the vice presidency. If Grace Poe who tops the survey now refuses to slide down to vice pres for Roxas, and proceeds to run for president, then as we rightly predicted, the Liberals might be forced to take on Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for vice president. There are rumors that Duterte is backed up by the U.S. to fight criminality in the Philippines which has hampered its economic growth?Duterte could continue as the graft buster under Roxas.



If nobody complains, not even an NGO worth its salt, then this anomaly will opt to continue within the ranks of the Local Government Units as it is happening right now and nobody has ever suspected that with so many little contracts it would run big if checked.

Here is the story:

A municipal or city LGU could be doing this malpractice of awarding services to favored contractors by making it appear that there was a failure of bidding, and the LGU was “forced” to enter into a negotiated contract with a “favored” contractor because there was no other bidder.

The trick is to advise would-be bidders to back off because of so many reasons all in the guise of constant suspension of the bidding dates so much so that the would-be bidder would be discouraged to appear in the end. Then the negotiated contract is made to the ever-ready monthly supplier of services favored by the LGU.

Again, the saying goes: that if nobody will complain, there is no crime to prosecute. Other would-be bidders would just look the other way and try their luck in projects other than the one favored by the LGU usually favored by the mayor who finally signs the award.

And if it is now the custom of the LGU to negotiate the bid of a certain project, then the anomaly could go on year to year and could run to millions of pesos especially if the bidden project to be , is big. Of course, either the winning favored bidder is a dummy of the mayor, or simply the mayor gets a big cut of the project costs. There is one such incident soon to be investigated, if not by the Ombudsman. Sorry for the favored bidder, it’s time to say goodbye and hello prosecution

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