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   JULY 15, 2012 EDITION
  People’s HERO: March Talarion, 15, is honored by the provincial governor for saving a child who was drifted away by the flood in the Banica River on July 8, 2012 without hesitation amidst imminent danger. Beside is his father, Jose.  


Total shutdown of all legal lotto outlets of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes numbering around 14 of them past and present will be effected within 30 days after the City Council voted negatively to PSCO lotto operations within the capital city’s jurisdiction.

As this developed, city policy makers may not be able to categorically visualize whether the impending closure of all legal lotto oulets here will minimize, or increase the incidence of illegal suertres which some city officials doubt they can eradicate.

The possibility therefore still looms that the stoppage of legal lotto will open the floodgates to illegal suertres and bookies. But Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria prides at his police force saying that the PNP has been continuously making arrests promising the stoppage of illegal numbers game eventually.




Everything would have been peaceful in this city of gentle people and 20,000 motorcycle owners and thousands of lotto bettors if only imperial Manila is giving us all the freedom to handle our own peculiar situations in Dumaguete. Trouble is, it is not. And we rise in protest! Why should imperial Manila run our lives here? Let this city rule its people by itself! Leave us alone to continue our peaceful lives! We have but one Constitution to follow!



It would seem that the 8 negative votes of city councilors, which tended to virtually shut down all legal lotto outlets for Dumaguete’s territorial jurisdiction, past, present and future, might have gone out of bounds.

With all due respect, our understanding is that Provincial Ordinance 4 merely regulates the operation of legal lotto outlets, which means the grant or prohibition is not within the purview of the ordinance, which, again, is strictly regulatory in nature.

The PCSO, which is covered by a national law, is the national franchise grantee and has the authority to appoint agents in the provinces for lotto outlets. Therefore, authority to grant or prohibit its agents to operate in the provinces rests with the PCSO, which has been given such power by the national law.

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