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  JULY 19, 2015 EDITION  

      Clergy, pastors: No to same-sex nuptials    

The Catholics and Protestants and all-Christian community are not in favor of same-sex marriage as legalized in America recently.

“The irony of it all is that America which was born due to the Christian migrations, is now leading in what the Bible calls an ‘abomination’ via same sex-marriage,” said one member of the clergy.

Diocesan Bishop Julito Cortes in a recent gathering at the Redemptorist community in Dumaguete confirmed that the Catholic Church is keeping faith with the policy under Pope Francis not to solemnize marriages of samesex partners.

Bishop Cortes said that the Bible is very clear starting from the Book of Genesis that God created woman as the companion and helper of man and both were tasked in fact, commanded “to increase and multiply.”

Getting married to the same sex does not follow God’s command for pro-creation.

Several pastors from Protestant and Christian sectors, Baptist church pastors here were categorical that it is a “No No “ before the eyes of God, therefore, an “abomination.” Three pastors announced over BAI RADIO DYEM FM that they will not renew their authority and licenses to solemnize...



AS early as one year before the 2016 elections in May, so many local wannabees are already making signs of early grandstanding.

How does an early grandstanding look like? It is the unnecessary and corny attempts of wannabees to get early media exposure so that their faces and names will be known to be interested in running for such a position.

Grandstanding has its own positive and negative connotations. Either one is insecure and not sure of what position he or she is running, or he or she just wants to make sure that he or she will have the longest recall period for the voters to remember their names come voting day.

In a small city like Dumaguete, where almost everybody knows every possible wannabe, one does not have to go far in order to smell the political interests of one person. What we advise the wannabees is not to overexpose themselves lest come election day, the people will be bored to the heels, and fed up with his or her face, voice, or weaknesses. If a candidate exposes himself late, only a few of his weaknesses will be discovered. Whether one is a born drunkard, ignorant of the laws or, those with feudalistic tendencies, and those who simply do not listen to the people but himself, he or she will be discovered during grandstanding sprees. If you hear a name mentioned too often, but does not say anything substantial, that person is obviously grandstanding.

Let media not be used by the press releases of these unscrupulous wannabees. Let media not be lured by cheap offers just to get media mileage. Let all news editors be wary and discerning between the lines as to discover and distinguish what is a praiserelease or a legitimate news. Trouble is some don’t know the difference.



With only a week to go before the promised anointing of Pres. Aquino’s heir-apparent to Malacañang, it looks as though it will be a Roxas-Poe tandem instead of the other way around or none at all.

With the big picture only in mind, here is our humble conjecture why Roxas should lead over Poe. In that Mar’s capability especially in crisis situations has already been tried and tested, while Poe has never been on top of a crisis situation.

Second, it is the Liberal party who is inviting Poe to be the vice president of Mar Roxas while Poe has no party to talk about because she is independent and is only awaiting to be adopted by major political groups.

Third, Roxas having given way to Pres. Aquino the last time, now is payback time for the favor given. For Poe, she has no direct blood relation with the late movie king Fernando Poe Jr whose name is being capitalized to boost her bid for the palace, being the top nothcer in the last poll survey.

And fourth or the most important is experience. Mar Roxas has a long track record of experience while Poe has entered politics only in 2013 and has no track record to speak of. This is Poe’s first public office while Roxas has been there since you know when.

“What you believe is important, not what the world says.” Clarify your values.  


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