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   JULY 21, 2013 EDITION
  Loyalty check. JUST MAKING SURE, the Army is with him, Gov. Roel Degamo welcomes the courtesy call by new Brig. Gen. Fancisco Patrimonio 302nd Brigade Commander (2nd from right) together with other officers LR: 1Lt Lito Orbita, CMO Officier, 79thIB; Ltc Wilfredo Isaac, 11th IB Cmdr; Ltc Marion Sison, 79th IB cmdr; BGen “Pat”, and Cpt. Cresencio C. Gargar, acting public information officer of the 302nd Infantry (ACHIEVER) Brigade, 3ID PA, Camp Leon Kilat, Tanjay City.  

2 more chief cops sacked for swertres

The provincial PNP command has confirmed the re-assignment to far places of two more, out of the total of six chiefs of police for their alleged failure to stop illegal gambling in their areas of responsibility.

This transfer of assignments to far flung areas is without prejudice to their being subjected to full due process investigation. They will have to spend for their own, in going to and from their new assignments, plus attending hearings as part of the due process.

Not too long ago, four other chiefs of police in the province have been sacked and relieved of their posts for failure to stop illegal gambling in their respective areas of responsibility.



COA & intelligence fund; Manila
reacts to NC story

THE COMMISSION ON AUDIT national office in Manilla has issued an official reaction to the comments of the Negros CHRONICLE through email, about intelligence funds which we described and wrote in our May 5 pre-election issue as one that is a privilege for pubic servants.

In an emailed letter to the editor publisher of the Negros Chronicle, the head of the national intelligence and confidential fund audit office Director Flerida Jimenez, who read our article in our column in our on-line website said that contrary to what the provincial treasurer said, the post audit of the liquidation of cash advances for intelligence and confidential funds does not end only in the issuance of the audit observation memo but the process continues with the issuance of the following.



There is no question that the expose of the P10- billion scam involving the misuse of pork barrel funds by certain number of senators and congressmen’s prok barrel or PDAF funds, are politically motivated.

Of course, it cannot be possible that only those who are not aligned politically with the president have committed such big time graft, if ever it canbe proven so. This cannot turn out to be like the Corona impeachment.For who will impeach the senators?—the congressmen?

There is a difference between exposing the truth and proving the truth. In this case,it would be very clumsy if not stupid for those concerned to leave a paper trail that will lead the case back to the engineers of big time graft.

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"No one is good
enough to save himself; no one is so bad that God cannot save."


Dear Editor

This is to provide some additional information and clarification on your banner headline entitled “Apo 99% diving site wrecked” published in the July 14, 2013 issue of this newspaper.

Only the eastern side of Apo Island was devastated by the typhoons while the western side remains intact and unaffected.

The coral rehabilitation and fishery recovery activities in Apo Island were initiated by its DENR-Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) and carried out by the Silliman University – Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (SU-IEMS) together with Dr. Aileen Maypa of the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF). These activities are part of a one-year project that began in March 2013 and are only a fraction of other research and conservation activities of SU-IEMS and DENR-PAMB.


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