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   JULY 22, 2012 EDITION
  Dumaguete waterfront is now big enough, thanks to PPA. But where are the big commercial boats? They are now doing business in smaller and private town ports because the government, in the past, was not quick enough to provide such infrastructure. But this city wants to preserve its pristine, rustic ambience anyway.  


The provincial policy makers at the provincial board have effectively stopped the local Dep’t of Trade and Industry from further collecting “processing fees” of P101.25 from every motorcycle helmet owner if it “passes the DTI” standards without which the helmet owner is subject to sanction with a fine of as high as P3,000 each.


Despite this oppressive financial and economic gestures, DTI and the Land Transportation office said they will continue to extract these amounts to over 20,000 motorcycle owners who by August 1 will be required to wear DTI-cleared and inspected helmets while driving on the road, and under pain of heavy fines.




We know that the motorcycle helmet issue will come to pass after August 1. But the character of Dumaguete as a city and people will be displayed by how people will react on the law’s implementation. We really became more skeptical on the LTO’s pronouncement of “flexibility.” You and I can always give a lot of meaning to what is “flexibility.” Let’s see.

DTI as the word connotes covers only the trade industry, not the people. It should have checked the importers, manufacturers and sellers of helmets on requirements of health and safety, not on users who presume that DTI had already done its job much earlier.



The current diplomatic protest filed by the Philippines against China should be respected by all law abiding nations unless one country has its economic horns being glued to bully smaller and less powerful nations like ours.

In the case of the Kalayaan group of islands which is claimed by both Philipines and China, this should be settled in the International Court. Why is China not so keen on settling this dispute before the international community when this is a valid international issue?. Does China now think she is so big she can bully smaller nations like the Philipines? But as the old anecdote says: the Filipinos don’t surrender from a good fight, they will just run and hide and stage something like the longest revolution.

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"Injustice anywhere can be a threat to justice everywhere."


I am the smallest friend of Dolphy in Philippine showbiz, wayback clover theater era. I came back from Paris September 25, 1993 to participate in “REMEMBERING BAYANI CASIMIRO” show where we met again after so many years. Dolphy, calls me bisaya – not Frankie...

Dear Senator Revilla:

It’s amazing how you have schemingly evaded issues I have raised against your mandatory helmet law, except the issue on habal-habal which you have focused on quite intensely. What about our freedom of choice? What about our human rights? What about our Constitutional Rights? You mentioned again about your law was passed by both Houses of Congress...

This is in regards your editorial about “two kinds of COA,” in funding the cause of investigating the murder of Atty Archer Martinez. I understand the “high profile” status of the v ictim. But how about “low profile” victims, who are now helpless and retired, like me who suffered twice from nearly fatal gunshots attempts by guns-for-hire also here in Dumaguete. Worse the police at that time hardly lifted a finger to solve the crime of frustrated murder on me...


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