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   JULY 27, 2014 EDITION
  DIVE DUMAGUETE INITIATORS: LR Kag.Nelson Patrimonio, Banilad’s Raul Bana, Adm William Ablong, Tourism’s RR Maquiling and Mike Alano, volunteer marine photographer guests at DYEM fm’ s CROSSTALK. Finally, Dumaguete tourism can have more impact with the launching of the DIVE DUMAGUETE image for leisure-and pure adventure, for heritage and culture. A viable package this time.  

Whopping P19 Million unliquidated in City

The Commission on Audit (COA) has confirmed that several city hall officials and employees have not liquidated public funds advanced to them worth P19-million over the years.

COA has therefore given several city hall employees in the city government with unliquidated cash advances up to July 30, 2014 to settle the same, otherwise, appropriate sanctions will be imposed in accordance with existing laws.

In Dumaguete, records show that more or less 200 city hall employees have unliquidated cash advances amounting to more than P19 million, whose names of which have been submitted to the Fraud and Audit Office, Special Services Sector of the Office of the Ombudsman in the Visayas.

COA describes its basis for action against “unliquidated” expenses: “If the government official or employee failed to submit a liquidation report after a period of time, and cannot account for the funds when asked, the presumption is that the money was mis-used.”

Of the amount, more than P16 million for liquidation concerns the intelligence fund of the city mayor. This includes such expenses by the previous administrations.

COA however said just because an amount had been disbursed or released but remains unliquidated does not necessarily mean it had been stolen, wasted, squandered or diverted for other purpose.

COA explained and x unliquidated simply mean the person who got the fund has yet to account for it or show how it was spent.

In an interview, Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria disclosed he has already complied with all the requirements by submitting all the papers and documents to COA in Manila.

Intelligence funds are confidential and are reported directly to Manila headoffice. He is waiting for the credit notice from COA so the amount can be removed from the list of unliquidated cash advances in Dumaguete.




Some, if not many people, find it irreconcilable to think that a president or an executive office for that matter, armed with good faith, ends up being held for impeachment——in fact three separate impeachment cases all in one.

Tomorrow, the President will deliver his State of the Nation Address before a joint special session of Congress. This amidst a brewing issue of DAP, of three impeachment charges, PDAF multi billion plunder cases, and a talk of coup d’ etat.

And the issue is this newly discovered but old animal called: Disbursement Acceleration Program, DAP for short, and presidential pork barrel to be shorter. All the while it was there but with different names under previous administrations.

The issue to be resolved is: was DAP used by people around the President to fool him that DAP with all its good intentions and trimmings of good’ faith, was actually a source of graft and corruption thru overpricing, commissions and kickbacks or downright and hopefully no fake or ghost projects.

It’s all what the people want. Did people make money out of DAP? That’s all.

But you see, in the process, people with varied vested political interests, have used this issue to promote their own agenda. For instance, the political enemies of the president wants to prove that DAP was illegal, —as the Supreme Court indeed ruled — and that PNoy knowingly used it to advance pogi points for him and his administration, —-of course thru genuine gesture of fast-tracking needed development assistance.

We say, DAP was well-intentioned, but the means by which it was used and executed was wrong and illegal.. As we often gave this our own analogy thus: this kid took money from the wallet of his father, and used it to pay his own tuition fees in school. Good purpose, but wrong method. So how will you judge the kid?—— That is the long and the short of DAP.

Supreme Court says, getting funds from other offices (as mid-year savings ) and pooling these funds to help other urgent projects (such as the urgent flood control in Manila) is spent for a good purpose, but the method of pooling the money was illegal. So who is accountable?



Dumaguete has joined the tourism diving industry by launching the DIVE DUMAGUETE marine sanctuary in Banilad. If our projections do not miscarry, this could yet be a breakthrough in the local tourism industry.

Eight other coastal city barangay sea lanes will be declared marine sanctuaries after a USAID study showed that Dumaguete waters has a very healthy potential for marine sanctuaries.

After years of failing to hit the mark as a unique tourist destination, Dumaguete has finally concocted a brilliant idea which all sectors can cooperate and contribute so as to make this city as the new gateway to various diving paradise around the island.

Finally, stakeholders can now sell Dumaguete as a diving destination with the development of new diving sanctuaries right in front of the boulevard, and connecting through the existing southern dive sites.

Soon enough, divers can also bring their families and enjoy the experience of viewing the rich marine life thru fiberglass bottoms of colorful boats aside from diving or snorkeling anytime of the day.

And because we have the rich and beautiful night life in the city, fit for family outings, food is good and in abundance; we have the malls, and we have a rich historical and heritage destinations within the city., a viable package can be created to make the stay of tourists worthwhile. A nightly floating dinner at the boulevard will be perfect on nonamihan nights. That giant breakwater or wavebreaker envisioned by the Mayor is a key to make Dumaguete a new tourism gateway. A moratorium on affordable hotel rates will surely lure visitors from all over.

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