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   JULY 28, 2013 EDITION
  HOW CAN DOTC AFFORD to leave this two AIRPORT X-RAY MACHINES unfixed, one for 3 years now (left) and the final check x-ray machine for one year now? DOTC collects P15 per passenger for Aviation Safety Fee (ASF). Is this what DOTC means by ASF? Some 1,000 passengers take the four Dumaguete-Manila daily flights and one to Cebu.  

Airport secu' at high risk!
All x-ray machs bog down!

Airport security is placed at high risk at the Sibulan-Dumaguete airport these days, because all its x-ray machines for passengers and cargoes are out of order. (see photo below)
And worse, this has been so for the last three years for the x-ray machine at entry point, and for the pre-departure area, its x-ray machine has been down for one year now.

This means, any terrorist threat can slip past the manual inspections now done by airport security, thereby putting the lives of one thousand passengers in danger every day.

There are at least 1000 daily passengers, for the five round trip flights to and from Manila and Cebu wherein flights are fully booked. They pay P15 for airport security fees (ASF) for every ticket. This means P15,000 daily income for the Office of Transportation Security (OTS), under the Dept of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). The OTS here is under Vilma Bajamunde.



Pork barrels should be audited by PICPA

IT WILL BE AT THE height of hypocrisy if congress will ever abolish their most important yet the most controversial item of their interest called the pork barrel, termed PDAF, the Prior ity Development Assistance Fund.

It would seem that among many legislators, the pork barrel is the most important concern , over and above giving priority to legislative work. Most of them also retain lawyers as “consultants” to draft their bills.

For if you see the track record of congress, the bigger laws of national importance are voted along party lines, while the laws of local application are relegated to the locally elected legislators,

The latest billion-peso scam on pork barrel which is the handiwork allegedly of 28 legislators cannot even pass the strictest scrutiny and would come out clean without any definite paper trail. Precisely the hand of professional corruption is seen all over the face of issue itself . NO trace of corruption. Professionals.



Each of the 1,000 air travellers at the Dumaguete-Sibulan airport, pays P15 per ticket for A.S.F. or “airport security fee.” Yet, for three years now, the entrance x-ray machine at the airport which is out of order and another one at the pre-departure area, had been down since last year.

Not only is the government agency concerned putting all airline passengers at high security risk, they are also putting two major airlines in equal jeopardy unless the security machines are fixed the sooner, the better, by the Dept. of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

No less than one thousand air travellers are taking the four daily round trip flights to Manila and back to Dumaguete EVERYDAY plus one round trip to Cebu. What are the DOTC’s guarantees of safety minus these x-ray machines? Can they prevent terroristic acts into the cargoes or luggage compartments with this kind of neglect?

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