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   JULY 29, 2012 EDITION
  Classic DAYOYO. Until now, this P60-million major highway bridge at Dayoyo, Pangaloan, Jimalalud is still unattended. A detour is opened, but for how long? Money is ready, but the implementers apparently are not. We wonder why. Do you?  


As if effectively bombarded by the loud voices of 20,000 protesting motorbikers of Dumaguete City , the Dept of Transportation and Communications (DOST), thru Sec. Mar Roxas, has effectively suspended the implementation of the Helmet Law, RA 10054, nationwide, until January 1 next year, in order to give time for policy makers to reflect and make necessary amendments to suit local conditions.

One of the major proposed amendment to the law is a provision that would allow Local Governments to pass local ordinances which would suit local conditions so long as these are not inconsistent with the spirit of the national law.

It was only yesterday when four major advocates of the hold-helmet-law in the city issued a joined appeal for its suspension until local conditions nationwide are met. Read their appeal as printed earlier and elsewhere on this issue




The seemingly magical and sudden withdrawal of P480-million in special calamity funds for earthquake-stricken towns mostly in the first district, to many, is a major display of how political power works purportedly “for the good of the people.”

This has been done not only in this administration but in most if not all administrations in the past. If as a leader, you do not belong to the party in power, you have two choices: either join the party in power or paddle your own canoe nobody will bother you.



It is now the move of our congressmen (Limkaichong, Arnaiz and Teves) to institute and consolidate with their colleagues to proposed amendments to the helmet law, now that the Dept of Transportation has effectively suspended its implementation until the new year comes. By then, our policy makers in Congress shall have formulated what rules on helmet use should be practical and implementable in the provinces.

Thanks to DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas who heard the singular howl of 20,000 mostly poor motorcycle owners from Dumaguete who through their leaders in the city, opposed and close to defying the law’s many impractical provisions, which, apparently were not results of actual consultations in the rural area, save the metro.

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