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1BPh govt center investors. SIMILAR SITES will be seen in central-Dumaguete barangays as Malaysian investors will build the one-stop city government center soon after legal papers are finalized. This site is one center built in by Alloy Mtd in Calabarzon.
  JULY 31, 2016 EDITION  

      City eyes sites for drug rehab    

The city government is eyeing possible sites for some 700 city drug-yielders who gave up the vice and the province close to 10,000 drug-surenderees who are all up for drug rehabilitation otherwise they will go back to their old vices.

This developed as the police headquarters all over the province reported as of Thursday som 9,717 self-confessed drug users and pushers and should reach about 10,000 over the weekend.

This was learned from PS/Supt Nestor Tiempo, new provincial PNP director who has been moving through the towns and cities of the province monitoring the performances of his station commanders.

City police chief PS/ Supt Jovy Atanacio also briefed all city councilors last Thursday as to the way Dumaguete is responding relatively slower in pace.




In Philippine elections, one does not have to buy votes, (but money ready anytime) because the Duterte phenomena has proven that so long as you capture the imagination of the massa (the C D crowd,) victory can be gleaned at the horizon.

The reason why suddenly a President no less became 91% credible is because he was different. He was able to connect with the culture of the massa. So the massa on the ground voted for him right or wrong. That is something in common with Duterte and Degamo. Hey, they have the same initials R.R.D. Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Roel Ragay Degamo. Kaya sayon nagkasabot and duruha.

Imagine Degamo was acceptable to both Roxas and Duterte. All because Roel is able to take a commanding lead with the masa.

Mayor Ipe Remollo was also able to clinch the leadership of all city mayors in the Visayas; and DEgamo did so too to all Visayas governor. Still he replaced Negros Occidental’s Gov Maranon as regional head of Negros Island region-18

Which brings to the fore a problem in Negros Island Region: it has no budget for 2016 even as we heard rumors that it was in the bag with Roxas during the campaign. Now it’s no more. I think you can guess who pulled it out. Besides, the country is now going Federalism and Negros Island Region can qualify as a Negros island Federasl State. Di mas maayo!




The city government is wasting no time in seeking possible rehabilitation of its over 9,717 towns city returnees and who swore to voluntarily leave the habit of the drug menace.

This is the more difficult part: how to keep them away from returning to drugs. They must have wholesome diversions, acitivites that will attract their attention. This developed as local experts and stakeholders opine that Dumaguete has a minimum of 5000 drug users or more, who sport the wait and see attitude.

We believe that the police and informers plus boarding house landladies, have reported their names, including those inside student dormitories and boarding houses of yuppies.



You can expect peace
in the spiritual realm but not in the physical realm.



Dr. Angel Alcala, chairman of the Silliman University Angelo King Center for Research & Environmental Management (SUAKCREM) here, comment about President Duterte’s pronouncement that the agreement on climate change, signed by close to 200 countries, was “stupid” and “absurd”...


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