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   JUNE 02, 2013 EDITION
  A FITTING CULMINATION of the centuries-old May festival of Flores de Mayo was also the SANTACRUZAN which looked more meaningful with local beauties such as the Reyna Elena and Mrs. Santacruzan Deanne Besh Quirit and Marjure Almannai, respectively. Reyna Emperatriz was Miss Dumaguete Francis Claire Ventula .They all participated in a religious procession around the city last Friday May 30.  

CHR to tackle LTO 'arrogance'

The Commission on Human Rights has tackled the reported “arrogance of power” in the Land Transportation Office even as it called for the investigation and ouster of the LTO local chief and his deputy agents who all come from Cebu and the adjudication board designate.
In a press conference, CHR officer investigator Jess Cañete has responded to complaints from several motorists who claim certain alleged graft practices of several LTO field personnel.

The petition for their relief stemmed from a complaint dated April 10, 2013, submitted by a certain Igmedio Duran with address at DSWD building, Capitol Area in Dumaguete City to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). field investigator Jess Cañete.



Party list: poor track record but a tool for social justice

We cannot understand why the party list representatives are so important in the Lower House when , over the years, they have shown very poor track record in terms of legislation.

Of course they are tools of social justice, but are they as, “tools” not in the wrong place at the wrong time? Not a single party list has authored nor passed any law in Congress, so what are they doing there?

In fairness, this is what the Supreme Court said about Party List:

“The party-list system is a social justice tool designed not only to give more law to the great masses of our people who have less in life, but also to enable them to become veritable lawmakers themselves, empowered to participate directly in the enactment of laws designed to benefit them. It intends to make the marginalized and the under-represented not merely passive recipients of the State’s benevolence, but active participants in the mainstream of representative democracy.”




Hundreds of students continue to troop to the provincial capitol building to avail of scholarship programs following the unprecedented victory of Gov Roel Degamo.
The province is eyeing on a P10-Million budget from the provincial school board for poor but deserving students in Negros Oriental. This jibes with the image of the capital city as a university town.

The provincial government is giving preference to medical scholars who can fill the need of the utter lack of doctors for the provincial and district hospitals of Negros Oriental. Today, even the corridors of the provincial hospital are filled up with patients from all over, including Mindanao patients.

Captiol is extending full scholarships to applicants who will be taking up courses in medical schools, and to include free tuition, lodging with allowance, so that the province can hire successful board examinees.

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