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   JUNE 10, 2012 EDITION

44-day unprecedented trial. Prosecution and Defense panels engage in animated huddle following the handing down of GUILTY verdict by the Senate Impeachment Court last Tuesday, May 9,2012. To follow: Congress must pass the "CJ Waiver Bill," if only to complete the meaning and message of the trial of the century.



Demoralization hit several police stations over the unceremonious relief of four Chiefs-of-Police for their alleged failure to stamp out the illegal gambling in their respective areas of responsibilities under the one-strike policy of the Philippine National Police.

Sympathetic police officials also branded the Chiefs-of-police and the others who are facing possible ouster from their positions as mere "sacrificial lambs just so that the higher ranking officials can gain good points before the Department of Interior and Local Government." They also deplored the news that the one-strike policy is only being implemented in the province of Negros Oriental, but not in the provinces of Cebu, Bohol or Siquijor.

Sr. Supt. Edward Carranza, Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director, said that he personally received orders from DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo to crack hard against illegal gambling and impose the one-strike policy, but is not aware if the same campaign is being implemented in the neighboring provinces, except that he is certain that the illegal numbers game is also prevalent in the three other provinces.




President Aquino may be right in pursuing ex-Chief Justice Corona criminally in the regular courts, but mind you, Aquino is now treading on lawyer's territory. Meaning, the courts are places where anything legal is possible. It's so different with the impeachment court when everything political was possible. PNOY, we presume, knows the difference.

Good to know that Congress has dropped from the rolls convicted wife killer Rep. Ruben Eleco, Jr. of Dinagat island. If this is still PNOY's workings, we salute him.

Then they are now suing old friend Butch Pichay for the alleged misuse of P2.3 billion LWUA waterworks funds. Pichay said he will face his accusers. Well, this is not impeachment. So, the playing field is level. It is the burden of the accusers to prove the guilt of the accused. And beyond reasonable doubt, if PNOY can jail Pichay, bilib na mi.



The biggest anomaly in Philippine Sports is that while millions of pesos are allocated by the State in order to improve our athlete's performance in international competitions, the money is spent in lesser important matters other than for the enhancement of each athlete's excellence.

The budget for the National Games here was P25 million, to say the least, according to Jolly Gomez, whoever is this sports commissioner. You will be shocked to know how they spent that money! But will they report the figures correctly, like those defective SALNs?

In short, in many instances, the athletes seem to be the last priority, over and above the luxuries and comfort of its officials, coaches, and all the string of support assistants.


  Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.”



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