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   JUNE 08, 2014 EDITION
  GOV ROEL DEGAMO said in a press conference Monday that he will answer COA’s claims of alleged overpricing in the calamity fund projects as soon as he receives the official copy declaring the same. To his right is provincial administrator Atty Richard Enojo and Provl Engr. Franco Alpuerto.  

Guv awaits COA overprice report

Gov. Roel Degamo disclosed that his office awaits the Commission on Audit’s report if any, about alleged overpricing of some P23-Million in five of 11 projects covered by the controversial Calamity fund of P480-million. He also wants to know how P149-million was disallowed by COA out of the said initial fund release. He claims he never received any official copy of such report.

The governor asked why media knew about the report ahead which was published by a local paper not the CHRONICLE. It contained such COA’s own estimates as against that of the contractors. Gov Degamo said as the main party concerned, he, as governor, has not yet even received the official copy of such “cost review sheet of COA” containing reports of alleged massive overpricing.


But the COA claims that the “cost review sheet” was an internal process which was yet partially done and not intended for the governor because it would eventually end anyway, with the total disallowance liability of P480M.

The COA sees the individual overpricing per project as less significant compared to the total disallowed calamity fund of P480-M on which the agency is focusing.

Yet under the principle of “Quantum Meruit,” government will still consider as paid, those amounts which were indeed poured by the contractor into the projects. Only the disallowed portions and the overpriced amounts were sought to be recovered by the DBM.




It is not usual that big time crooks want to return stolen money! All journalists call it news just like a man biting a dog. It’s an oddity, says our late journalism professor Alex Amor.

He would indeed be amused if he were around to hear the feeling of P10-billioin pork barrel scammer suspect Janet Napoles, and Ruby Tuazon. Napoles just announced that she wants to return just P2-billion ( aw, kagamay!) and Tuazon P40-million (uy, nisamot!)
Of course we believe they are not the master minds, just implementors of the game plan.

It is obvious that some legislators involved want to cut clean by letting their favorite ever-obedient pawn Janet to just return P2-billion to the amusement of President Aquino.

It was Senator Jinggoy who grilled Justice Sec Leila Delima who revealed “info from the inside” about the Napoles offer to President Aquino to return (obviously a portion of ) the money to the national coffers, just like Ruby Tuazon who offered first.

It is now hard to believe that with the pressure cooker getting hotter, those pork barrel scammers are now losing almost all options to “areglo” the case because the Filipino people here and abroad are already quite impatient that up to now, no case has yet been filed with the Sandiganbayan, thus, no warrant of arrest is yet issued (without bail) for plunder.

Please be alert that the national penitentiary’s big boss and 12 others were suddenly relieved for a very old drug case. Be alert because Bilibid may have new big time inmates, and soon we also have a new super warden! (Catch it?)



The Commission on Audit’s inspection report on March 19 concerning the alleged overprice by P23-Million plus in five out of 11 calamity fund projects intended to fix typhoon devastations in Negros Oriental, is still subject to authentication.

What does COA think: that they can do better estimates of projects than line agencies concerned? If so, then let COA do the estimates first, and then let the line agencies implement their estimates, so that the temptation for overprice will be avoided if not aborted.

The problem with COA is that they merely point out the mistakes —after the fact —-but do nothing about it after they find the mistakes. COA leaves it to any taxpayer or the Ombudsman to file the case of graft against officials concerned. We believe this is not correct. The one who finds the mistakes, must prove the mistake. It is only common sense.

It takes only one stroke of the pen by the President to change this policy, and at the same time, SAVE MILLIONS OF PESOS in possible overprice and graft, plus expensive and lengthy court cases.

What is the use of pointing out the mistakes and discrepancies , if COA does nothing about it? Of course we know the limited mandate of COA. It is not there to file cases, but point out mistakes. This is a big defect in our system that needs to be corrected. .

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