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   JUNE 09, 2013 EDITION
  Biggest carnapping sindicate busted? Highway Patrol Group team leader Insp. Robelito Mariano signs the complaint at the prosecutor’s office as three of the suspects were presented. L-R: Rizaldo Sabejon, Albert Maghanoy and Jun Clint Sabejon, and their police escort.  

Two Arnaiz laws passed by Congress

As the 15th Congress ended over the weekend, second district Rep. George Arnaiz reported two major laws which he authored for the province of Negros Oriental and one for the whole country. This is aside from the local bills he also authored.

The first, was the passage in the House and Senate the amendment of the NIPAS law which is the National Integrated Protected Area System. This would enable the local management of the 45 protected areas in the country to retain their millions in income instead of remitting the same to the national treasury.

Benefited in Negros Oriental are the Apo Island protected areas and the Lake Balinsasayaw development. In Apo Island, millions of collections in dive fees from tourists go directly to the national coffers.



How the seat was won

Last week we reported our analysis on “how Degamo made it.” There were so many many related feedbacks as our story became the topic of discussions among political observers, stakeholders, enthusiasts, even backers and barkers.

Now let’s go to city hall.

So how did Chikiting Sagarbarria make it in the city?

These comments are also carry-overs of our conversations with stakeholders wise or otherwise. First, Sagar had the organization down to the barangay level and of course he had the money. He prepared enough money for “what others say was for the worse” which never came. As a result he won by a landslide.

It turned out that Alan and company were true to their anticipations and their word that they didn’t have enough needed oil to run their machinery and that promised fundings never came. If it did, only in the last two minutes of the game when it was too late. He could miss running as independent, being given the freedom of movement. That time, the park was his.



On June 12, it will be our 40th year or our Ruby Anniversary as a community newspaper in Negros Oriental. It seems like only yesterday but as we look back, we are now three generations older. Our grandchildren are starting to do errands for the paper. And we have not missed a single issue in our 40 years of service to community journalism.

We count the exciting years of service under unique categories. We have served the people for 13 elections, nine governors and six city mayors and ten provincial commanders.

We started as a Martial Law paper, drumbeating the Marcos dictatorship to whom we owed our initial existence and survival. But little did the regime know that what the military censors pre-viewed were mostly not the same ones that came out in the paper

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"It's good to ask questions, but it's even better to seek God's answers."


Let me refer to Fr. Roy Cimagala’s article March 10/13 “PUT GOD IN POLITICS” which has given me a lot of discerning and open my mind more clearly between God’s heavenly wisdom and God’s apostles on earth.

When Fr. Roy says and may I quote:- Our times, call us to be tough yet flexible, tolerant yet discerning. To be sure, the only and best way to acquire these seemingly contrasting traits is to be with God, to have a living relationship with him, where an intimate and ongoing conversation between him and us take place.


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