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   JUNE 10, 2012 EDITION

The K12 issue: Give Filipinos a break! The perennial lack of classrooms, desks, teachers and textbooks must first be solved and assured before adding TWO more years to basic education. K12 could mean two more problem years for all education stakeholders!



The grant of a temporary restraining order, holding in abeyance the implementation of the law on mandatory wearing of helmets for every motor-biker pending the resolution of the same law's constitutionality, appear to be dim because Regional Trial Courts do not usually have authority to be selective in the implementation of a national law.

This developed as three lawmakers of the province, Representatives Josy Limkaichong; George Arnaiz, chair of local governments; and Pryde Henry, chair of agrarian reform, were urged to file joint amendatory laws on the usage of helmets among motorists in response to the sentiments of their constituents.




The education department has not solved the perennial school opening problems of the lack of thousands of textbooks, lack of classrooms and lack of teachers. So why is it trying to add 2 more years to basic education?

Will this solve the basic problem of lack of textbooks, classrooms and teachers? Will this not be compounded by K-12's entry? Everybody, you and I, know only too well that we are all products of the ten-year basic education program. Is something wrong or lacking within us educationally?



There might, after all, be some logic in possibly appointing a non-judge as Chief Justice of the supreme court. They could be outstanding lawyers, law deans and outstanding practitioners.

This is a novelty and we are keeping our options open to it.

So let's take a look at the nominees for Chief Justice and see for yourselves if they are not one with connections with the family from Malacañang.

The non-judge nominees are: Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza, former counsel of PNOY's favorite uncle, Danding Cojuangco, and that of San Miguel Corp. of which Uncle Danding is the biggest stockholder; Katrina Legarda, famous for defending a teenager rape victim by close Arroyo ally ex-Rep. Romeo Jalosjos in 1997; and Former Ateneo law dean Cesar Villanueva, who is a brod in Ateneo's Utopia law fraternity of PNOY executive secretary Paquito Ochoa and ex-CJ Renato Corona.

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The "Son of Man"
is Jesus himself. This title "Son of Man" occurs many times in the
New Testament in
reference to Jesus as
the Messiah.



Dear Editor,

The Gabriela Women's Party has expressed, today, outrage and disappointment over Om budsman Conchita Carpio-Morales' decision to dismiss the bribery and graft and corruption case against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and several others in connection with the May 2004 elections.

"The Ombudsman's dismissal of graft and bribery charges against Mrs. Arroyo casts a dark cloud over an otherwise significant decision in the impeachment court's conviction of former Chief Justice Renato Corona. It betrays President Aquino's duplicitous posture in this call for accountability."


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