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  Decongesting Dumaguete.DRONE-VIEW OF DOWNTOWN DUMAGUETE shows the over-congestion of the town shoreline, while the outskirts are still very green and lots of open fields. The policy of the new Remollo administration is to decongest the city, open the new national diversion road in the center now going on, disperse tricycle routing scheme, widen city streets with fence-setbacks like the plaza, eliminate day-long road parkings, open new car parks, and more.  
  JUNE 12, 2016 EDITION  

      Sacked capitol dads laud TRO    

Two dismissed officials of the capitol, namely, the provincial treasurer and accountant, have lauded the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Court of Appeals, halting in the meantime, their removal, pending determination if the Ombudsman in dismissing them followed all procedures and maintained due process. The duo said they were merely following orders like good soldiers.

The governor who gave the order would have also been dismissed had he not been covered by the remnants of the old Aguinaldo doctrine which freed him from administrative liabilities because of his election to office. Nobody is yet declared guilty, but the Ombudsman has already found probable cause on the trio and gave the order to the Sandiganbayan or graft court, to file the necessary charges.

The 15th division of the Court of Appeals (CA) has issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the order of the Ombudsman dismissing two top provincial officials of Negros Oriental who were accused of malversation and grave misconduct in connection with the controversial disbursement of the P480 million calamity fund of the province.

Provincial treasurer Danilo Mendez and provincial accountant Teodorico Reyes filed an urgent manifestation with reiterative motion for an issuance of a TRO and/or writ of preliminary injunction before the CA while waiting for the results of the motion for reconsideration they filed before the Ombudsman...



There are only a few Sundays when this paper gets off the press on the same day as that of its anniversary. Today June 12, and a Sunday is one of those days.

This humble paper has served the community of Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental for 43 years without missing a single issue. This Martial Law baby-paper in 1973, has grown from minus-zero capital, to a full desk top publishing CTP system with our own modest printing plant plus a bonus: the establishment of the first FM stereo radio station in this city and province, a novelty in 1980.

Seldom does one see a lowly community newspaper that has its own radio station arm. . There’s one in Bohol, owned by our family too. Their paper and three radio stations is now a senior citizen at 62, also without missing a single issue since 1954 when this editor was one of its news boys roaming the city streets.

We have covered nine Presidents, from Magsaysay on the day his plane crashed, down to Garcia, Macapagal, Marcos, Cory, Ramos, Estrada, Glo Arroyo, then Pnoy, now Duterte.



In the first place, we in the media are wise and old enough as NOT to say that we are boycotting somebody in the news because news is fact and it cannot be denied. But it can be told or untold. It can be released or withheld. That is the prerogative of all editors. That makes the difference. Moreover, how it is told is an added feature in the craft.

The fact is, that president-elect Digong Duterte was barring media from entering the gates of the Davao People’s Park for reporters to cover the thanksgiving party in Davao. It is a fact that must be told. And if he, as a news source does not seem to welcome the present brand of media covering his sorties, then he can either suggest his preferences on the names of reporters whom he will allow. That is his right.


Jesus is our peace
who has broken the dividing walls of hostilities.



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