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   JUNE 15, 2014 EDITION
  Rep George Arnaiz, formally endorsing DENR Sec. Ramon Paje who after the 15th congressional by-pass, finally got the nod from the Commission on Appointments.  

GA confirms COA overprice report

Second district Rep. George Arnaiz has confirmed that he was able to secure a copy from the Commission on Audit in Manila, the findings of which indicated five alleged overpriced projects out of the 11 which were funded by the COA-disallowed calamity fund of P480-million.

In a CHRONICLE interview, Rep Arnaiz said that he was furnished the COA-Manila copy of the inspection report which created quite a stir inside the Capitol since Gov Roel Degamo claims he never got a copy so he could not refute such findings.

Arnaiz defended the authenticity of the document saying that the public is entitled to know the contents of such public document. But the local COA would neither confirm nor deny the report saying it was beyond their local authority at this point of the controversy.

The COA confirmed that Degamo et al, may file, and in fact has already filed a Petition for Review with the Commission on Audit. But the media has yet to get a copy of such Petition for Review.




Another Asian country South Korea took pity on us, the Phlippines, for having a very poor navy, so SOKOR has donated an old old close to unusable warship to the Philippines (for use in case of war.) How pitiful and sad is the state of our country.

How pitiful and sad : we are claiming a potential trillion dollar bed of natural oil and yet we cannot defend it against other claimants because we are so poor, all we do is “just be bothered day and night.”

Imagine, receiving donations from a country which decades ago was way behind the Phlippines economically! Now this country is giving us a warship! —apparently this will be worthwhile for us, instead of the donor sending this to the nearest junkyard. For if it were still of good, efficient use, who would give such a big toy to a poor boy in the block!

Why, —-where have all our billions of pesos gone? Will someone make a guess? Maybe the answer could lie in those files at the graft court or Sandiganbayan. Maybe we can have an idea who stole most of our taxpayers’ money , not yesterday, but over the years, no, decades! Would you still wonder why we are poor?

Only a few days ago, the Commission on Audit revealed that another P12-billion, not million, but billions of pesos are being sought as disallowance funds coming from various projects at the Dept of Public Works and Highways.

In fact, Sec. Singson of DPWH was the one (Im sure upon the prodding of his bosses) to ask COA to revive its old notice of disallowances to notorious contractors of roads and bridges all over the country over the years. Imagine, just overnight, another P12-billion is exposed as being stolen by human vultures!



Unless there is a thorough consultation among major sectors of society about this One-Negros Island affair, it might be bound to collapse before it shall have taken off. Let’s be sure we have everything to gain.

When a major policy change is hatched just among a few interested politicians because it means a lot of economic opportunities, the other affected –if not prejudiced—— sectors may not cooperate and could cause its collapse.

When new administrations assume in the future, and if the concept is not anchored on solid grounds, One-Negros might again collapse. So what do we do before we jump into the water? Test it.

Testing the waters is a very important stage before embarking into a major change. Imagine, from Central Visayas, Negros Oriental will now go solo with Occidental Negros, a neighbor whose history and culture have been as distant as the next mountain.

Remember, historically, when Oriental split from Occidental, when politicians gave us the mountains, and they got the fertile plains of sugarlandia. By twist of fate, we became a lot richer because of the geothermal power which sprouted in our mountains.

Now we are linked with Bohol, a major tourism hub, which links us into this multi-million dollar industry of tourism. We have unlimited access by land, sea and air, to Cebu, the Queen City of the South, next to Metro Manila. We have better opportunities, and gateways to the world.

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"But growth cannot
occur if you stay within your comfort zone. Get out of it!"

Dear Editor

As a first-time visitor to Dumaguete, I found your city very charming: beautiful natural surroundings, and friendly and hospitable people.

The only negative experience I had in Dumaguete was the shockingly high level of noise pollution in the city, particularly from motorcycles with modified mufflers. All my other tourist friends feel the same way.


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