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   JUNE 16, 2013 EDITION
  The 115thIndependence Day celebration at the Rizal park in the city. It was one indicator that hopefully the animosities of the last elections will finally zimmer down so that everybody can move on. Guest speaker was Dr. Cecile Genove, SU Masscom College dean and NC columnist.  

Rama eyes Romana; gov wants townmate


There is an impending reshuffle among provincial PNP directors in Central Visayas following the holding of the last political exercise.

Latest inside reports say that there might be a swapping of PDs from Negros Oriental and Cebu. Be that as it may, Gov. Roel Degamo wants the return of his townmate Sr. Supt. Petronelli Baldebrin who is now chief of the Mandaue police department.

Quite incidentally, re-elected Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama remains firm in his choice for Sr. Supt. Noli Romana to head the City Police Office while Governor Roel Degamo presses for the appointment of his townmate Sr. Supt. Baldebrin, now chief of the Mandaue police, to assume as Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director.

Both Rama and Degamo were peeved that their choices as chiefs of the police units of Cebu City and Negros Oriental, respectively, were replaced by the national police directorate without their consent a day before the official start of the election period.



Period of transition; Expect many changes

Now that elections are over, lawless elements seem to be waiting for the right time to strike. This could mean major robberies, ambushes, holdups, and even rebel attacks on un-watchful preys. We urge our respective stakeholders to be on the guard because when the water is silent, the current below could be very strong. This is the period of transition.

We bumped into Vice governor-elect Dr. Mark Macias and as we took the opportunity to know him better, we found out that he is fast becoming like the late Dodo Macias, his dad. His diction and mannerisms sound like Dodo. His dad was also a doctor, and former vice governor. And Dodo became governor.

Of course we invited Gov. Roel Degamo who could not come because he needed to rest in his Bonawon, Siaton residence after that medical check up at the SUMC and that trip to Singapore after the elections. Look at him,he seems to have lost some pounds. And he is controlling his sugar count.



The people of this motorcycle city of dumaguete would like to congratulate or commend the police highway patrol group headed by Insp. Robelito Mariano and his men, for busting what they claim as the biggest motorcycle carnapping syndicate in the city.

That notorious group had been consistently and successfully stealing the motorcycles of hapless city residents during the past many months. And finally the law caught up with them and the carnapping syndicate members are now in jail facing criminal charges. If convicted they could get the penalty of life imprisonment as provided for by the anti carnapping law, which law does not distinguish whether it is a car or a motorcycle that is stolen.

But let us not stop here. Let us try to use our imagination as to who could be financing this motorcycle thieves who cannibalize the stolen motorbikes and sell its parts as chop chop for cheaper price.

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"Great victories are
won when ordinary people execute their assigned tasks."


Last June 12 was a momentous milestone in Philippine history and the sense of our national identity. It was the celebration of the country’s independence from Spanish rule.

And yet this coming Wednesday we will be celebrating again the birth anniversary of our foremost national hero the most prominent advocate for reforms Dr. Jose Rizal. As we all know Rizal was the proponent of institutional reforms by peaceful means rather than by violent revolutions and this made him the first Asian non-violent proponent of political reforms. He might not have participated in the beginning of the revolution but then he inspired the katipuneros and the system of non violent revolution as a whole, through his ideas began the revolution that earned us our individual freedom and his adherence of integrity continue to inspire our new generations. We should emulate the heroism of Rizal, whose supreme sacrifice paved the way for self-determination and liberty.

Jose Rizal and the rest of our national heroes remain as essential part and principle in our state development that embodies the highest aspiration of being a Filipino, as a people and a sovereign nation.


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