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   JUNE 17, 2012 EDITION

Test of faith. Immediately after his bout with Tom Bradley, Manny Pacquiao rushed back to his corner and as the picture speaks for itself, Pacquiao invoked on the Almighty Lord lifting up the outcome of the fight to Him. Indeed, it was a clear test of his faith, on how Pacquiao would accept an earthly defeat.



Regional Trial Court Branch 44 Presiding Judge Neciforo Enot is not likely to issue a Temporary Restraining Order against the implementation of the National Helmet Law; instead he informed both the petitioners and government counsels that he will rule on the constitutionality of the law before July 29, 2012.

If he rules otherwise, then the Supreme Court will have the final say. If he upholds the constitutionality of the law then the LTO will have to implement RAS10054 to the letter. If there are thousands of violators after July 29’s full implementation on economic reasons they cannot afford expensive helmets, , then it only indicates that the people disagree with its require ments and so the government will have a problem of giving thousands of violators due process of law. There will not be enough lawyers to have time to handle these cases.




Some mayors are suspecting , as well as some chiefs of police, that the recent one-strike policy of the DILG in reshuffling C.O.P.s who fail to stop suertres in their localities may be a prelude to the positioning of PNP personnel for the next mid-year elections. They have a point.

But indeed, DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo has a special assignment from Pres. PNOY for Dumaguete to attend to the suertres problem, which came at the time when PNOY was in Dumaguete and it was a hot issue then. Robredo had no choice, good friend LtCol Rey Lawas was even the first to get the soft ax by being transferred to Cebu.



It will not come as a surprise to many people if Pres PNOY will finally appoint the first lady Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the person of Leila De Lima currently chief of the Department of Justice, or maybe his shooting buddy Atty Kim Henares, BIR lady chief. PNOY will also make history.

If and when PNOY appoints de Lima as the new Chief Justice in place of Renato Corona, then PNOY shall also have done exactly what his predecessor did the difference being, PNOY appointed his new Chief Justice during daylight, while GMA appointed Corona at the midnight of his term in office, which became the start of the whole controversy that led to Corona’s impeachment.

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