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  “I won’t give up without a fight”: Gov. Degamo and supporters await in vain Thursday of the Ombudsman dismissal order which was supposed to be served upon him by the DILG. No order arrived.  
  JUNE 19, 2016 EDITION  

      Dismissed gov eyes TRO option    

Dismissed governor Roel Degamo who was sacked by the Ombudsman for his refusal to return P480M in Sendong Calamity funds three years ago said he will defend his duty to have served the people in extreme emergency during a calamity in that he used the said funds legally and speedily in order to save the people from further disaster.

Branding the latest Ombudsman ruling as part of political persecution and harassment, Governor Roel Degamo will try to secure a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) or an injunction from the Court of Appeals to block efforts to unseat him.

But he said, he has not yet received a copy of such order of dismissal, hence he cannot issue a reply to an order he has not read nor received. But should Degamo receive such order from the Ombdusman and served by the DILG, legal experts say he can avail of a TRO Temporary Restraining Order. “That is why procedurally, the DILG gives 5 days for the dismissed government official to voluntarily comply with the order without having to be physically removed from office...




At first, nobody believed it could be possible that the governor of Negros Oriental, would be the first in NegOr history to be fired from office. Until even now, after garnering a landslide vote of 313,703 last May 9 with a 109,651-vote majority, the fact remains that the Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales has indeed ordered the governor dismissed from office.

Politics? Or simply “dura lex , sid lex?”

The bottom line reason is simple: he did not return P480-Million calamity fund intended for typhoon Sendong, to the Dept. of Budget in Manila who recalled its release because of technicality.

The governor reasons out that he was pressed with the urgency of helping the typhoon Sendong victims with the money for projects that is why banking on the presumption of regularity, he proceeded. Now he is sacked for it.

Reason behind the behind? Politics? Being a non- LP, the majority party might have fears of fund mis-use for elections, that is why it could have persuaded the DBM to recall the money. These are apprehensions with no officially.



As of Thursday night deadline of this paper, two parties were awaiting the order of dismissal to be served by the DILG regional NIR head upon Gov Degamo, provincial treasurer Danny Mendez and provincial accountant Teddy Reyes, but in vain.

The two parties awaiting with their respective cabudols were that of the governor who was ready to fight it out in court and seek a Temporary Restraining Order, and on the opposite side, the group of Vice Gov Mark Macias, also seeking DILG confirmation of such order. They branded their gathering as a thanksgiving for victory in the polls. No DILG order came.


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